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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Small But Necessary

Didn't feel like blogging yesterday. So I didn't. Today for January the weather today has been not as cold.
So the dog had a chance to chase the ball a bit. Which total her thing and I don't mine tossing.
I don't know why but as I was tossing the ball I look up in our birch trees and saw a bird house.

Payday for me! Went and pick up my car cost was just under $160 for lens cover for a tail light and $24 was for labor.
Pick up Murphy cholesterol medication for a 3 month supplies it $30
Got the electric paid.
Still have to pay my health care of $73.00 part of Affordable care act. I wonder how much longer I will have insurance. Sure glad I don't have any major health issue.
Now waiting for the rest of the bill to come in.

Like I said I got paid and none of home care workers got a raise in four years. Still making $12.43 and hour.
The company I work for is set up for that I'm a self contractor. So I handle all the taxes. Right off the top I have to take off 15.3% and stick it under the so call mattress so every quarter I round up to the nearest five and pay UNCLE SAM 
All in all time every thing is take care with my obligation to Uncle Sam I make about $10.43
My next paycheck will be when Trump will be President and maybe I'll get a raise. Not holding my breath

A few things I been figuring to do when it comes to budgeting. It been a slow for donation for Daisy teeth cleaning.
I figure I could stick $20 in a jar every pay day. By the end of August I would save $300
But I'll still match the donations. There is a link on right hand side called "Daisy Teeth Cleaning"
Daisy does get her teeth brush in the evening.
Then on the 15.3% is to cover my social security. I pay both employers and my part. If I recall I paid about 2% tax to our federal government. Nothing to state of Idaho, we did receive our IDAHO TAX CREDIT
But most states doesn't charge sale tax on food. Wish Idaho would remove there and even increase on non food items.
So instead of 15.3% thinking of increasing it to 17%

Today we been doing small things around the place. I got the snow people finely but up. Dishes and three loads of wash.
Trying to get the table clear off. Still a few small items need to be taken care of.
Murphy got in a little more fire wood. Clear off little bit of roof from snow.

The other day Murphy sprinkle chalk from a snap line. So it will make it easier to see. There no contrast when it comes to snow.
Fairly easy for one to drive into a snow bank.
Our mail person did it the other day. But after a while the neighborhood got her going. People mail after our road was late.

One thing I need to do is oil my sewing machine. Stop in thrift store yesterday and didn't see any fabric to make the smock apron. They had a piece of orange that would of worked. But I didn't want to look like the great pumpkin.
Haven't yet open her up and see what she can do.

But I did get this book for $5.00 at the thrift store that had the orange fabric for sale. I painted flowers on rocks but I think it would be funny to make a fairy community.

My decision is to use a top sheet for the fabric. I sure I wouldn't bought for this project.
Waiting for my rug canvas. It was to be here yesterday. But it stuck in Portland Oregon. They had 10 inches of snow.
When it snow on west coast things come to complete halt. But it will come sooner of later
My first rug doing locker hook I decided my third color will be a coral and the other two will be aqua and yellow.
Which was made a while back.

Roast beef, chard, and some type of potatoes for dinner.

Coffee is on


  1. What is the sales tax in Idaho? Ours just went up to 10%.

  2. That sheet is a good choice for that apron smock. I think it will look sharp!
    We pay sales tax on food here, 9 3/4%, but DH mostly shops in Alabama the big stores are closer. The sales tax there on food is 8%, I think. I personally think taxing food to live is ridiculous.

  3. I enjoyed the coffee. It was nice meeting you. Wow, you have a tough road. I hope it gets better with Trump coming along. I don't know how you do it. Anyway, I will be moving along and add you to my roll.

  4. That sheet is a pretty pattern, it will be a nice apron. I wouldn't want to look like a giant pumpkin either.
    We pay sales tax on some foods, only processed foods. Fresh things like meat, fruit and vegetables are tax exempt.

  5. You're one of the most regular bloggers I know. So you should definitely allow yourself to take a day off from blogging when the inclination hits! ;)


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