Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Is It Going Away

Usual in January we have what we call a "January Thaw" the entire gamble of weather. From temperature in the 50's (10) and down below 0.
In thing falling from the sky. Haven't yet seen it rain cat or a dog.
But one thing for sure there plenty of ice. I would guess a lease there increase in people falling and fraction a bone.

Its rare I work on Wednesday both of my clients have group. Only Regis went. So I spend time with Liz.

Now back home front Murphy shovel off our shed/garage. Snow is shrinking and becomes heavy.

Breakfast....Sausage, eggs, and toast
Dinner...spaghetti and salad.
Naughty food...candy
Got on the tread mill for a short time.

Over on my face book page I ask...If you had a chance to talk to our up coming President (Trump) what would you say in 45 words or less.
What bothers me there not showing respect for the office or President him self. Confession time...I even have trouble showing our up president respect....Or maybe it people who vote for him.
They never show our last President Obama any respect.
Even now I've heard some older resident in my area making rude comment about President Obama race.
Luck it isn't that many.
I worry about our democracy and out control capitalism. At this point I can only see more division between the income inequality.
I sure hope I'm wrong.

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Coffee is on


  1. Coming from a warmer weather, I can't even imagine what January Thaw must be like!

  2. If i could talk to Trump I would say: Put your damn phone down, quit tweeting and act presidential

  3. I used to live in MN and the January Thaw was something we all looked forward to!
    It has been a warmer than usual winter here in TN, of course, that could change at any time.

  4. I sure hope you're wrong too, but only time will tell.
    I think it's very rude of people to disrespect the President just because they don't like him. He has a job to do and we hope he does it well, but insulting him or the previous President won't make any difference either way and just makes the insulter look like they have no manners.

  5. Anonymous3:12 AM

    When you said "January Thaw," I thought you were going to talk about thawing meals from your freezer that you'd frozen... like soups or stews. Ha! We've had crazy weather here. Snow one day and warm the next. It was like springtime yesterday. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Nice to meet you. Bella

  6. What I would say to Mr. Trump: Try to grow up before tomorrow.

  7. What I would say to Mr. Trump: Try to grow up before tomorrow.

  8. I have nothing to say to Mr. Trump. I cannot respect a thin-skinned, narcissistic, mysogynistic, egomaniacal bigot who is a disgrace to the office he is about to assume. I have never felt this way about the person in the White House, whether or not I agreed with their politics.

  9. What I'd say to the man who will shortly become President of the US: Please realize that climate change is real and very much affected by humans. We only have one world, after all, and you need to make sure you don't ruin it or blowing it up, and/or just plain blowing it!

  10. bean soup for the next few days. healthy, cheap and very convenient.

  11. I second songbird's comment.

  12. I don't need any ice to slip on Dora, I manage to do that quite well even in sunshine.. like I did yesterday in the city. Sprained wrist and twisted knee, not fun 😊 I would be very happy if Trump proved everyone wrong and did a good job but I very much doubt that is going to happen sadly.


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