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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Who's Grandpa

The other day I ask on my face book page....Question time....What is your grandpa given name? Mine were Edgar and Clarence. I knew both of my Grandpas and have very fund memories of both of them.
Some interesting name and one lady grandpa name was Crit. A name I never heard of before.

All went well when I took Regis down to get his shot of STEROID in his hip joint. Then we went over to foster crossing to get his wallet.
All the money was in there. So now he can send a package to his son down in PRESTON IDAHO They won't get by Christmas but it will arrive before New Year.

Then I went over to our county extension office to see about if they knew of..."beginning quilting classes" Zero Zippo. So they suggest me to try the local fabric stores. Didn't have the time. I know there in Troy Montana though there school district. I just not looking forward of traveling 34 miles one way or round trip 68 miles.
I know two other people interested and me. Would like to find two more to car pool, and then the cost would be $5.00 a person. Class is $20.00 and for that you get 30 hours of instruction.
It seem strange that our community doesn't having a quilting organization of some type. We have five fabric stores here in our community.
As for such a friendly area. It seem strange we don't offer much as for social events. But everyone at the local store or stop in at any coffee shop we here will talk and socialize. Or I will say more then 75% of people will smile.
But to me when it comes to any sort of social organization they seem like there trying to pry in to your personal space.
Question time....Could they be a disorder for Paranoia of social organization.

I went over with Regis to there group and we had Christmas dinner. Very good. I got some Greek salad and Ambrosia salads.
Well there been over $350 raise for Daisy teeth. Check the right hand side of the blog "Daisy Teeth Cleaning" and still need to match the last $25.00.

There a thing on NOVA and it to be on NOAHS ARK.

Coffee is on


  1. wow, you had a very full day.

    I never knew either of my grandfathers, they both died before I was born. One was named Phillip and one was named Harry. Phillip's wife was named Dora. Harry's wife was also named Dora.

  2. My paternal grandfather's name was Oiliver and my maternal grandfather's name was Harry. My step-mother's father's name was George.
    Oliver was married to my grandmother, Pearl. When Uncle Dale's second wife had twins in 1949--a boy and girl--my grandparents offered to put $100 in the bank for each child if they would name the babies "Pearl" and "Oliver." My uncle and aunt did not take them up on the offer and I imagine "Jim" and "Jane" are just as glad they didn't. ("Oliver" seems to be gaining in popularity, but not "Pearl.")

  3. Hari Om
    good work on the GFM! My dad's dad was Alec, and my mum's dad was Wullie - a Scots form of William.

    Maybe not paranoia... but I do think that there are communities where the idea of organised participation is held with a sense of fear - mostly fear that "I might be asked to do something!!!" The opposite to what community is really about! YAM xx

  4. Have you tried Meetup.com? There might be a quilting group in your area on it.

    Grandfathers' names... My dad's dad was Frank. My mom's dad... I don't know. Never knew him. My mom's stepdad (the one who was my grandpa) was Gordon.


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