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Sunday, December 11, 2016

White Stuff

Actual I would like the snow to show up a little closer to Christmas. But no one can control the weather.
It been slowly snowing off and on all day. Looks like it going to be snowing most of the week. So we will have our drive way plowed. It usual runs between $20 and $30. We have own snow blower before and it actual cheaper to pay someone to push snow with blade.
A snow blower is $1,200 plus and they use quite bit of fuel. For entire winter it might cost us $150 to have someone show up and clear out our drive way. There a few years we never had to call anyone.

As for our heat source. We have all three electric and only time it use. When I'm taking a shower or bath. Can't stand to step out wet.
The other two heat source is natural gas and wood.
Most years we use wood for our main heat. But to ache and pain we never went out and got any wood.
But this year we're using natural gas mostly. When it super cold then usual I will built a fire in our wood furnace.

Can recall when there was a lot of people who had Meeker s wood furnace in there home. We have one of there smaller ones.
But some the older home up to 1980. Had duct work and entire nine yards.
Depends on winter, size of home, and how well it insulated how much firewood one will use. Our home is two stories 1,200 square feet on each floor. On the average winter we will use about  3 CORD. Good quality firewood for cord sell between $150 and $200.

Well my friend Quenella who lives off the grid and has a small drafty place up on Katka Mountain. She has trouble heating her home. The other day she left and couldn't attend to her wood heat source and her home got down to in the 50's.
Like I said her home is drafty, could be insulated better, stove to small, and her home is "L" shape and it difficult to move heat around the bends.
Good news she bought a small propane heater. It has help her and once she get home up to desire warmth it will be fairly easy to maintain.
A though her home is small and drafty. But it isn't messy or anything like that. I wouldn't have any trouble staying there.

Late morning Murphy and I went over to see who and what was going on over at my sister in law place.
One of her Grand daughter is watching the place. I more less want to fine out what going for family Christmas eve dinner.
We didn't fine out anything. She going down to California to see her Grandma.

Haven't got the lights on the tree or anything else.

Breakfast left over Pizza
Lunch steak, peas, and sweet potato fries
Dinner Chicken noodle soup.
Snack...maybe boston cream cake or blue berry muffin.

My grand daughter just turn 8 months 3 days ago.

Coffee is on


  1. Snow is pretty for a day, after that ... the reason I live in TN.

    Our house is all electric. Not always a good idea, but we have been okay so far.

    Your granddaughter sure is growing! And what a cutie!

  2. Your granddaughter is beautiful

  3. You've got 2400 square feet altogether, that takes a lot of heating. I sometimes wish I had more space, my flat is just under 400 square feet, but when it comes to heating, I'm glad my place is small. I have only two windows, one front and one back, so I close those and put draft stoppers under both front and back door, then turn the air conditioner on high for a day to warm the whole place, then turn it down to maintain.
    Our winters aren't nearly as cold as yours though. No snow and sometimes not even much rain.
    Your grand daughter is beautiful.

  4. I am not sure why, when the north of the US is surely colder than Britain, that central heating is not used in the US, with a gas fired boiler and radiator panels throughout the house. Because their houses are so well sealed and with double glazed windows, I don't think it is too expensive to heat. I would guess you don't have piped gas though.

    What a lovely and happy child.

  5. Wish we had a fireplace/wood stove.
    Your granddaughter is adorable, Dora!!

  6. I hope she can heat her house well this winter. I wonder if she could get someone to insulate it better.


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