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Friday, December 09, 2016

Never Mine

The other day I took Regis to Sandpoint for which I thought he had a doctor appointment. Anyhow he had other places to go to.
Question time...what does one do with a middle age man who actual does things as younger person might do?
He was wearing these tight patriot pants. He had his wallet in his rear pocket and I told him several time that it going to work out and it going to fall out. He paid no heed to what I was saying. And it did fall out.
Not sure how much cash he had on him.
I know if my son lost there wallet since they was warn multi times change the location, and didn't. There day would of been done, we would just came straight home.
He put a sign in the store hoping someone will find it and contact him or I. But if it doesn't show up he will have to replace all of his I.D.
Confession time...I try not to be irradiate at him...

Paid two bills before I went to work this morning. But still have to pay our hospital, doctor office. and lab work I had done.

The other day I went with my friend Quenella and we went to all the thrift stores. I got these two sea shell ornaments. The community Thrift store is selling there ornaments for thirty nine cents each.

All these were dollar. They will be in my children package heading to Oregon
Still waiting for my son and his wife gift to arrive.

The day I was out with Quenella. I picked up these two fabrics which will be use in one of the trivet I'm doing.
When I was cutting the fabric it should of been half inch strips but I start to cut them 2 inch. Which is size for a rag rug.
Didn't cut to many wrong. Caught my self plenty early enough.

The rag rug is coming along nicely. Now I'm Curious how big it will be.

When I drove home from work. It was windy and there was slight snow drifts. Lucky there not much snow yet here.

Coffee is on


  1. Silly Regis to lose his wallet, do you think he will know better next time and put it in a safe pocket?
    I like that fabric with the black and white diamonds and pictures in them.

  2. Men, middle aged or not, do some things that are strange, but then again, so do some of us women. Too bad he doesn't have common sense ...
    Like how the rag rug is coming. I made an 8' oval when we lived in the log cabin on Holly Creek. Not sure what happened to it, I made it out of powder blue and moonlight gold. Not sure what else I had in it.

  3. I had to google patriot pants. Men of a certain age really should not wear tight pants.

  4. 10 years ago i was a middle aged man trying to do things a young man would do, now i'm an old man trying to do things a young man would do.

    men are born fools, and die fools.

  5. Well, just use those strips for a new rag rug, right? ;)

  6. Hello Dora: Those fabrics are beautiful. And your rug is so warm and cozy.

  7. Anonymous7:31 AM

    I'm lovin' that rug Dora. I have on in the making as well but I'm only using t-shirt material.


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