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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Just Can't Get Rid Of it

Took Regis over to his speech. As he was there I went into the hospital cafeteria, and had a bowl of DILL PICKLE SOUP. The price was reasonable $2.00.
 As I ate and couldn't decided how I felt about the taste. The jury was out! Time I was finish with Regis and headed of to a little shopping for Murphy and I. The dill pickle flavor just lingered a little to long for my liking.

Slowly getting rid of my Christmas Package, and cards. As for the cards I did plenty up earlier. Yesterday Monday I sent my oldest package down to Medford Oregon.
Confession time...One time I mail a package to my son for his birthday and the shipping was more then the gift.
I stood there with mouth open. 
Took Regis, Liz and her son there gifts.
Yesterday I took a few small gifts for little boy who lives in the other building next to Liz.

Now finish up the Christmas Cards. I drop some off at the post office in Naples. Still have a few more cards to do.
One thing I can't stand is those yearly Christmas letter. How wonderful everyone life is. I got a few that I almost want to vomit.
I use to add my annual weather report.

I just start on my brown section of my rag rug. Haven't heard anything about the family Christmas gathering.
If we don't hear anything I just might give it to Quenella for her home.  Thinking about going up on Katka to visit between Christmas and the first of the year.

Murphy back is bothering him. Well he going in for his physical on Wednesday. I have to take Regis to the pain clinic for some shots.
Good thing FOSTER CROSSING called and someone found the wallet he lost.
As he taking care of his business at doctor office. I'll run over to and get his wallet.
As Murphy in the doctor hopeful they will get an x ray or something of his back.

Well after Regis and I get back he going to what some call group or club house. I'll be guess of Liz and Regis. I call it the federation from STAR TREK.

On the right hand side of my blog under "Things to Click on"...."Daisy Teeth Cleaning" If someone would be kind enough to donated $13.50 I will match it and it will bring it up to $325.00.

Well one thing between jobs I went home. Had chance to toss the ball for Daisy down our road. The road got plow out and it wasn't so bitterly cold.

Last little bit. Weigh in and our weight lost group. No one lost weight but one of the ladies held her weight.
Which he call turtle. I was up a pound.

Coffee is on


  1. What are you all doing to lose the weight? I can't seem to lose weight even I exercise, do kickboxing. I guess it's in my genes and the fact that I love to eat :-).

    I hope his back-pain goes away.

  2. I haven't lost any weight, but I'm holding steady which is good over the Christmas period and I'll start again in January.
    I've sent a few gifts over the years where the postage was more than the gift cost, it's very annoying.

  3. Perhaps weight loss meetings should be looked at as a nice social gathering of like minded and like weighted people. $2 is very cheap but I don't think I would like the flavour. There is a McDonald's burger here that has dill pickle and many ask for it to be taken out. Bit of an alien taste to us. We have a friend in Japan and often the postage costs as much as the gift. Heavy books are a no no.

  4. Dill pickle soup? Not something I'd want to try.

    I don't know anyone who actually lost weight in December. I went to the gym yesterday after having over indulged at our office holiday lunch. Im just joping to maintsin my current weight until January. The gym was half empty.

  5. Hari OM
    I am so behind....but here I am again! Hope the back trubs will ease up for the holidays. Having just gotten over a severe bout of sciatica myself, I can empathise. I like what you said last post about the 97% honesty thing; truth be told, 99.99% of humanity is not 100% honest!!!

    I tried the $13.50 but it wouldn't let me - so it's $14. &*> The cold is starting to drift over the pond to us; and my heating boiler decided to go bust last night. Don't have the funds to fix it just now. It will be doonas and hot water bottles for me this winter. Hey ho. Things are eased a bit by my impending trip to India - much warmer there in January, although still technically winter. No internet though. So again there will be gaps in my comments!!! Off to put the kettle on... YAM xx

  6. At this time of year I think maintaining weight is a success. With all the goodies around.

  7. Dill pickle soup would definitely make me lose weight. I can almost imagine the taste in my mouth and it would drive me to the first donut shop.
    I am a non weight loser unfortunately.

  8. That's the first time I've heard of dill pickle soup! Am not sure how I'd feel about it. I do like dill pickle and I've had some sour soups before. I've even had some pickle type soups/stews (Korean kimchi stew). But even so... would you say it was refreshing? :O


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