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Monday, December 05, 2016

I Might Just Visit

It been a while since I took part in a BLOG HOP Well I decided to find one to take part in. So it hard to find the right blog hop to take part in. Right now this blog post will not be on one subjects. But I know how hard to blog. Since all the other social media sites out there.
So here two blogs who doing a hop..MAKING OUR LIFE MATTER Actual I want to fine anther blog to hop from.
But all the ones I could find specialize in something or anther. Or give away blogs. I don't have anything to give away.
Question time....Doesn't anyone just blog to be social or to have fun?

I'm having a little trouble slightly changing wording DAISY GO FUND ME PAGE It mainly to raise money for her vet care. But still my main things is to get her teeth clean.
I do brush her teeth every evening. And also I have match every dollar donated.
Haven't Yet show Daisy new toy. She just loves it.

 I believe someone made a statement it was yesterday, Saturday on quite not understanding what I meant by multiphase.
There time when I start to type out a blog post. I might do paragraph or so. Go do something else, save it and come back at later time.
See I use Open Office quite a bit of the time.

I get out quite a bit since I work. But the hubby doesn't. So he want to go to home depot to look around. We have a few home project that need to be done. Well we did purchase light cover for our fluorescent bulbs. But of course it was the wrong size. But taking thing back to home depot is hassle free.
As I was in home depot had chance to day dream about once again having a ceramic shop in the basement.
At times dreaming keeps us focus on our goals or plans for our future.

One thing I'm going to do figure out on something different about my retirement. I was planning to draw spousal benefits off my husband when I became 60. Cut my hours down to 12 a week, and have 3 day ceramic shop. Continue to pay into my social security. Well this last January they made a new law that it no longer possible.
Planning to blog on using spousal benefits, in very near future didn't feel like getting to political.

Been working on my crafts over the weekend. Still not sure if I'm going to have enough of certain color of fabric. But if it isn't it going to be close.

Did mange to get coffee coasters done, for Liz. I might do anther set of 4 for Qunella.
Haven't tried doing a locker hooker rug. But at this point it easier to do a trivet. Those smaller project going around the corners can be tricky.

Tuesday is my weigh in day with my weight lost group. On my scale I been holding my own.

Hopeful I can get more photos posted. Had some camera issue my lens wouldn't retract. Thankful for google I figure it out.

Coffee is on  


  1. Blogging - I just like to talk, sometimes I have some rant going on, but usually I just blog about what is going on here at my house. (It is seldom more than empty chatter.) I like to keep up with my blog 'Buddies.'

    Sorry about your camera. I have an issue with my camera too - the shutter is really slow. It's click ................................................click. Sigh.

  2. There seem to be blog hops going on all the time. The only one I do generally is the April A to Z Challenge. But I see them frequently.

  3. Blog hops can be bigger than Ben Hur can't they?
    Love your craft work. And admire you for that teeth cleaning. Our cat's breath would certainly benefit.

  4. Thank you for explaining multiphase.
    My blog is just for fun and to be social, to read and exchange ideas and opinions with others, sometimes I learn things.
    I try to not be confrontational or political, there's enough of that out there already.

  5. I didn't know there was an organized thing called a "blog hop". I've never taken part in one but I regularly visit other blogs and sometimes leave comments when so inclined.

    Re why I blog: I guess it's a form of mass communication and sharing that I actually am comfortable with -- more so than, say, Facebook or Twitter (Confession: I don't have accounts for either of those).

  6. Anonymous7:20 AM

    I really like those coasters a lot Dora. And yes. I blog for fun and to vent and just because..


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