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Saturday, November 26, 2016

We All Can

Not big fan of Black Friday. But I do like supporting local Mom and Pop place on main street. Took a few moment and stop in at our local LARSON I've always consider our Larson a little sister store and the big sister store is in Sandpoint.
I'm one to support local business. So I always try to make a purchase on SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY 

Then there giving now GIVING TUESDAY We all can help out. At first I was going to put my income but that shouldn't play any part in giving.
But every Christmas I will give to one of our local charity. This year I'll picked up a toy for CARE N SHARE And will be picking up a few little something for Liz neighbor boy, who I would guess is 8 or 9.

And here I'm asking for donation so I can have DAISY TEETH CLEAN Confession time....It easier to give then to ask...But I'm willing to match any reasonable donation. I would have trouble matching let just a million.
Confession time....Asking for something and giving can sure have mix emotions.
But if you want to cruise and see who looking for DONATION

Well Daisy gets her teeth brush in the evening. And since she a good girl after her teeth is brush. I will toss her stuff toy.
This stuff toy has saw better day. But she still likes packing it about and ripping it to threads.
Also her bedding got washed and dried.

Well I guess it won't hurt to show the color. Not sure if any my children look at my blog or not. Question time....Do you read any blog of your family or personal friends?...
I don't get clothes for my children who lives in Oregon.

I have never came close what average American spends on holiday. And this year it will it will be over NINE HUNDRED

I actual know more people though social media. Which for now I will leave as double edge sword. Some post on a group I belong to on face book called...World Wide Hippies...one of there post is to make new friends....”Alright fellow hippies let's make some new friends comment your name, age and which state you are in and whoever likes it add them! We all could use new friends :) 
Example :
Dora 56, from Naples Idaho.
Question time...How would some one do this on a blog?

Good news Liz is on top of list for SECTION 8 HOUSING Not sure how many land lords in this area will be willing to take Section eight housing voucher. But it a sure way the land lord will get there rent and on time.
A few times Liz gave me the money to take to her land lord for her rent, and I believe she is been in the same place for over a year now.

Breakfast...Corn Bread, eggs, and sausage.
Lunch....Bowl of shredded wheat with strawberries
Dinner....Ground beef patty and shallot press in it, salad. Bake pototo. And some blue cheese dressing.

Coffee is on



  1. Apart from people I've cone to know via my blog, no one else I know has one. I keep mine anonymous which means I can write about family and not have to censor myself.

  2. Most of my family know I have a blog, but none of them read it. None of them have a blog either. K used to but only started it to help me sort out how to do things, she's better than I am at technical stuff, then once I learned, she stopped her blog. I don't write about them much and never mention names or put pictures of them, I promised that in the beginning.

  3. No one I know personally has a blog that I know of. I try to get my family to read my blog, they never comment if they do. I thought it would give them a chance to see what I was up to ...

    I really don't "Do" much for Christmas. Cannot imagine spending a large amount of money for gifts. I used to make a lot of things. I can't see how some people can go into debt for Christmas and pay for it for a year.

  4. No, I don't read family's blogs. Because they don't write one. My SIL did for a time. I read it as long as she wrote it. And if any friends write a blog, they haven't told me.

  5. I don't now if family read my blog. But they all know about it
    I find the friends I have made via the internet know more about me and my life than the family I have contact with.
    It's a strange world we live in
    Ever year I buy something for th Kmart Christmas tree. It's a huge chain store here and they gifts are given to those that need just before Christmas. So that they can be opene on Christmas morning.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog


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