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Monday, November 28, 2016

Not Saying They Might Have Something.

Daisy did had her appointment. Not sure what wrong and for now they gave her some antibiotics called Cephalexin and cone for her head. So she won't pick at her sore.
Her sore is infection simple because she start to lick it.
The vet cross the street is cheaper but he is so loud that the pets are scared of him.
There going to watch it and see what happen. There is a bump which could mean about anything. Well here what they charge Pre-Anesthetic screen $68.00 and a Biopsy $98.00. And I still owe the hospital for a mammogram $250 and something.
I know my friend LaWalla use a vet in Sandpoint who don't charge like this one does. I met him once and he seem reasonable to me.
Confession time....I feel this vet clinic is always trying to pull money out of my pockets.

I know worrying about unknown factor or something that may or not be. I keep thinking she has cancer. But even I had a growth remove and it was nothing. Believe me I worried my self over it.
It could actual could be anything. I have to keep in mine Daisy isn't a young dog my guess 10 to 12 years. Other then the sore and bump she is in good heath. Plus right now she isn't thrilled about having a cone on.
I haven't total gave up hope, and on right hand side bar. Things to click on I'm steel trying to raise money for Daisy to have her teeth clean. There is link called "Daisy Teeth Cleaning"
Confession time...I'm actual scared if she die....When I grief of her lost...I will cry.

Other then worrying about Daisy. Work went ok. Just did Regis. Liz went to POLSON MONTANA with her son Paul, he had to appear in court. This isn't his first rodeo. It was for his drunk driving a while back.

Got all the gold fabric strips cut and now I'm starting to splice them so they can be connected. One thing I could use is a better pair of scissors.
I didn't pay that much for scissors and they become dull quite rapidly. The ones I have don't sharpen well a good pair of dress maker scissors I haven't seen under $20.00.

Coffee is on




  1. AW, poor Daisy. Those cones are such a pain. Try not to worry, it's only bad news when you know it's bad news. Dogs and cats get fatty deposits and other things and it's nothing. I hope for her it's not bad news. I cry for a long time every time I lose a pet, it's just the way of things.

    I used to use a rotary cutter for my quilt making strips. Was easier than a scissors.

  2. poor old daisy. one of my old dogs had a few lumps and they turned out to be sebaceous cysts. after the vet diagnosed the cysts, rather than paying to get them removed, i squeezed the bejesus out of them and dabbed them with rubbing alcohol. it worked.

  3. Oh no, not the Cone of Shame... (I think I've seen Up one too many times.)

  4. A good pair of scissors is worth the extra cost, they'll last you for years.
    $250 still owing on a mammogram? That's a lot of money!

  5. It's so hard to make them understand that the cone is for their own good
    Try not to worry. Most bumps are nothing to be concerned with so the odds are good that it's just a harmless growth
    Yes when we lose our pets it's. So very very sad

  6. Nice to meet you Dora and thank you for your comments on my blog. Vets' bills are enormous. Friends of mine with dogs have pet insurance which they say woks out much cheaper especially if they have to have an operation. Hope Daisy recovers quickly.

  7. i made the decision not to operate on older animals as long as there was no discomfort. so tansy had a large lump till she was 14, it suddenly grew very large so she was 'put to sleep' , smokey was only 10 though and sad but I would not keep her only alive on medication... heart failure and no guarantee medication would work. daisy is still hanging in there after a couple of strokes, and she has dementia which can be cute but she is not the cat she used to be at all. she is 17.
    I see a lot vets encourage people to do treatment ... to my mind its just for the money ... kinder for the animal to be relieved of discomfort. but its very hard for us to make the decision to put them down.

  8. Hari OM
    There has been a tendency in recent decades for vets to 'up their ante' on the basis that most folk are so attached to their animals, thus prolonging life often beyond what nature intended... actually that applies to humans too. That said, one of course must do what is reasonable and if there are things to be done which will truly benefit, then a decision is to be made. I understand your worry - I did the same with Jade when she first got a lump, but as others have mentioned, it was only sebaceous. Whilst the main aim of the go-fund-me is Daisy's teeth, why not make it about her general care? Also, you could now post it on your G+ page and 'pin' the post so it will stay as the first post seen by whoever visits. Including a piccie of Daisy would catch the eye.

    Most of all, do try not to stress about her - you are doing your best for her and that is all that can be done! YAM xx

  9. With the cone and antibiotics given, what seems the most probable would be either mange or an infected remnant of a tick. Most tick sores of that sort and mange are both very successfully treated in the way described so try to not worry too much at the moment. It may very well turn out excellently! As far as the cone.... It is a challenge, but when my dogs have had to wear one, it often helped to play intensely with them (catch or fetch for example) so the got used to feeling happy even with the damn contraption on their head. After a good play session or two, my dogs would end up accepting the cone in a generally ok fashion for the length of time they had to wear it. It might work for Daisy too!


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