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Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Maybe We Should Of Seen It Coming.

I'm one of those American who was total taken by our country election. At this time I'm not going to post on it. Simple because I didn't sleep well.

Now it time to talk about today. Went up and seen what going on with my car. Not to spend to much time on the issue. It some type of vacuum hose.
Doesn't sound complicated.

Well during the election I worked on coffee coaster locker hook. Which will be a Christmas gift. At this point I wish I cut the canvas a little bit bigger. But it will still work.

The other one will be hot pot trivet for our weight lost group. We're suppose to bring a gift to put in a basket and the one who lost the most weight will get to choose first.

Eating went well. Love the potato and leek soup but it sure gives both Murphy and I smelly farts. Then for lunch we wasn't all that bright either had Chili.

Did a little more exercise and even took a short walk. My hip is still giving me grieve but a whole lot better.


  1. It was pretty much a 50/50 chance it could got either way.

    Potato and leek soup, yum!

  2. I just noticed your weight lost ticker. Pretty cool.

  3. Sorry about your hip. Glad it's getting better.

  4. I haven't had potato and leek soup in years, I must remember it for next winter, it's a stick-to-the-ribs recipe, one bowl and I'm not hungry for hours. No smelly farts though, thank goodness.

  5. Lol @ smelly farts. Glad that Trump won.

  6. I haven't been sleeping well since the election either. I really thought people were smarter than that.

    I didn't keep up with my exercise and now my hip is killing me. You're diet group sounds wonderful.

  7. Hari OM
    Trouble is, rest of the world is affected by this too... there's a real state of disbelief out here. Oh well deed is done; now to deal with the consequences.

    Love your locker work - great gift idea! Tattie and leek soup is one of my favourites - I leave the skins on the potatoes (well scrubbed of course) and this cuts down potential 'windiness' as well as being better for the digestion generally. YAM xx

  8. (((HUGS))
    I had an idea when one of my pottery students, at Tuesday night's class, told me she was calling Democrats in our county and more than half said that they were voting for him. But I was still shocked, and I am still outraged and disgusted.

  9. my knee is killing me. i'm falling apart faster than a dodge mini van.

    soup is on.

  10. The out come didn't surprise me much, in fact I think this is interesting as hell.


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