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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Little On Edge Just Before Thanksgiving

I can't see the reason why I should be on edge. Tomorrow Murphy and I are going over to the BIG HORN LODGE down by NOXON MONTANA to have Thanksgiving with my son Bart's In laws. We're bring candied yams.
I believe we will spend the night since we're eating around 2 in afternoon. Not looking forward in driving home in the dark. Could easily hit a deer or some bigger game. If all works out we will leave Friday between 10 and noon.

I still need to make an appointment for Daisy at Vet. Murphy got paid today and we will get anther check end of the month.

I went and saw about health insurance though our Idaho state change for health insurance. And my current plan was about $85 and now it $300. Quite of increase. I feel comfortable each month to pay up to $125. Even if something happen to Murphy I'm not old enough to get any sort of social security benefits yet. But with my job I feel I could handle up to $125 a month. I believe the subsidy would be different.

I see possible 5 insurance plans I would consider. Look like we qualify for $556 subsidy. But lot of this is greek to me.

Went over to see Regis and I thought we was going to see his doctor about his hip. The doctor called and felt nothing more could be done with his hip. He thought of trying one of our local doctors for a second opinion.
But he want me to talk to his doctor on this issue. Well do to our HIPPA laws my hands our tied. Which on one hand is good and not.
So Monday with Regis and I will get his social worker and the three of us can talk about what we need to do.

Pretty much got Betty trivet done. Just have add the special fabric and do the edging. But also the finishing touches.
Cut some more gold fabric for the rag rug.

Eating went ok.
Breakfast sausage patty, eggs, and potatoes
Lunch chicken leg, green bean casserole.
Dinner. Roast beef, raspberries, and yam
Cookies, and stop, had medium drink at Starbuck
Had one hay bale, Not really had instead SHREDDED WHEAT.

No blogging tomorrow  but I'll wish all a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.


  1. That place you are eating at looks very nice. I hope you have a good time and good food! Drive safe! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you! Get the feeling that there'll be many families with members who voted for different presidential candidates around the US this Thanksgiving. Some households may be... interesting places to be on the day!

  3. Safe travels. Montana would be close to you, wouldn't it?

  4. I hope your Thanksgiving dinner went well, and I hope the hip problem can be sorted satisfactorily.

  5. I always get a bit confused about Thanksgiving and then Christmas dinners so close. Does it add to the stress of the season? I know I would be hysterical at two big events so close not to mention NOT eating the lovely food but then in Australia it is our hot season so I guess with your winter in full blast it would not be so bad.


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