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Friday, November 11, 2016

It Has To Have Reason

I start to post on about our President election. Then decided there been enough said about it. This is age of computer. So anyone can look up any thing with google.

Editor note...Copied from on my posting from a post I did on my facebook page...It been interesting on social media reading the posting about our up coming new President. Like many I do have my concerns and worry. And plenty of question what might happen to our country.

I won't go into all my worries, concern, and question at this time.

Not plan to un-friend any one who might have a different view point. But using
racist, or any hateful terms I don't see the reason in this.

I don't see Trump bringing our county together, but even with Clinton in there I still don't think she would of unite. Which I find is sad.
Who do think could unite us as a country?
What do you think it would take us to unite as a country?

One good thing I've made some new friends because of the election results.

I won't go into all the results but in my county of Boundary. 933 people voted for Hillary Clinton, and 3,789 for Trump. But there was small votes for the other candidate, most of them didn't get 100 votes.

Better mention just briefly about my thoughts on protesting. Our Constitution and the 1 st AMENDMENT, and which is our RIGHT TO PETITION. Although for me I have see a pin point reason to protest.
Maybe a later posting I could make list on things I would Protest.

Finish trying on item I got for my self at our local CLOTH GIVE AWAY just before Halloween. found 4 tops and 3 fit which is usual good.
Small shoulder and big boobs. So I'll donate the red top to one of our thrift stores.

Look like I been holding my weight. Liz was talking about wanting to go up to the free Thanksgiving meal up at our Assembly of God Church. So it would be nice for both of my client to get out.
And since my sister in law and her hubby is spending part of the winter months in Bay area at there home.
We will be having our Thanksgiving dinner on the 12th which is tomorrow.
But our regular Thanksgiving which is 24th and we will be going over to Montana and having dinner with Bart in laws.
As for my trying to loose weight I'm not tossing in the towel. I need to just do smaller portion.

Breakfast 2 eggs, 2 toast, and 1 and 1/2 slice of bacon.
Lunch not sure.

Hubby been organizing one corner in the kitchen. It looking good.

Coffee is on


  1. I think there would be riots and unrest no matter who won the presidency. JMHO

    Lots of families have 2 Thanksgivings and I think that's lovely. Now, so many churches and other gathering places have dinners for those who have nobody and I think that's lovely, too. DH usually picks up dinner for us and later goes to his nephew's home. It works for us. Enjoy tomorrow and the 24th!

  2. I live in a much more beguine county. We had 10,000 for Trump and 14,000 for Hillary.

  3. My roommate's doing her family Thanksgiving tomorrow, too.

  4. we thanksgiving about a month ago. before global warming our pilgrims would have frozen in mid november, but now people are still cutting their lawn. no kidding, my neighbor was cutting his lawn today.

  5. Nice to find tops that fit, I have trouble because I'm short and fat, anything that fits around me is too long from shoulder to bust and I feel like I have half my boobs hanging out with the necklines being so low, also with pants everything that fits around is too long from waist to crotch and uncomfortable. I hope I start losing some weight soon, have been eating less but haven't lost anything yet.


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