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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

It Feels Good

I had a day off and most of the day I worked on my crafts. Mostly sewing my green strips together. Complete anthor ball of fabric, and got two more different design of green. Plus a parital of anther one.

Had to run some errands and I stop in at OLD TRUNK, and got two fat quarters for Betty hot trivet for Christmas gift.
I got design drawn on the rug canvus.
Unless it to the extreme of my liking. I won't pay over $3.00 for a fat quarter, and like I said if it to extreme of my liking I would go up to $3.50.
Bought two for $3.18.
Still need to tuck in the ends of the coffee coaster I been working on.

My friend LaWalla stop over. And showed me the reverisble quilt she working on. She stop in at ALLEY FABRIC NOOK and got some fabric. Very bright colors.
TROY has some adult classes they offer and one is a quilting classes. Which my friend is taking.
 The next one start in Febuary but the instrutor is planning to teach, how to do "French Braid Quilt" and I understand this isn't a beginning quilt. But every one is at a different level.
My friend Alice and I talk about going over. If we could fine 2 or 3 more to go. Everyone pitch in $4.00 or $5.00 for fuel. It would be worth going.
We figure it would be $20 a trip and I believe it 10 to 12 weeks long. So my cost in fuel would be about $55.00.
If there not enough going I can't do it.

Now both of our rigs are fixed. Just had new shocks on pick up. Can't recall the amount but it was under $300. $200 and something.

Murphy just love fired parsnip. I can't say I'm overly wild about them. But I do like parsnips.
Rest of dinner consist of radishes, green onions, and ground beef patty.
Lunch slice roast beef, half pototo, and cabbage. Oh did have some dressing.
Breakfast. McVandenberg.

Had my follow up appointment on my hip. Continuing on my streaches, also she suggest yoga. Then as alway weight lost.
All in all hip a lot better.

Since I had some time off. Daisy got her ball toss a little extra today. We mange to do it 3 times and to my estment she retrive it 15 times.

Coffee is on


  1. Never heard of the French Braid pattern - you'll have to show us the basics if you go to that class. I have a friend who is taking quilting classes for the companionship - she's been making quilts for half a century.

    Parsnips fried in butter, yum! One of my favorites!

  2. I hope you get enough interest to be able to make that class.

  3. I've heard of french Braid quilting, but never seen any, so I'm going to google some images.

  4. Hari OM
    Funny thing; last week when over in Edinburgh, my sister wanted to go get some craft stuff... I spotted 'quarters' for sale... seven quid is = $9(ish)... so three times what you pay! YIKES. I did what River did.......very pretty!. It would be fun to get a group to attend those classes; but if not, why not try and get a group together for a round robin in each other's homes and use online tutorials like this one? Then you can put the coffee on!!! YAM xx


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