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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Thousand And One Is Way To Many

I had my husband take some photo of me. I guess we're own worst enemy or critic. He like to take my photo looking up. Actual I would rather have it straight on.
When it looking up I look at my self as someone who should be put in a harness and plow the back 40 and not someone who isn't graceful. Not a gentle person a bully.
But he doesn't want to take photo of me looking down. He says it looking on me with out respected.

This afternoon I called Liz and she having a nice visit with her daughter. I guess Regis is constantly bugging her.
I won't call until Tuesday she will be done with her court thing by then.  And wished her luck.

Murphy and I got the brackets nail on, and the lumber haul over. Still need to cut it the boards in length. Depends on what happen tomorrow. If my car ready we will go down and get it in afternoon. But if it isn't look like we will be cutting the boards.

Yesterday we had our MABON celebration up at the snowmoblie park. We had a nice ritual, ate, drumming, and had a meditation
On the ritual I open and close the north, which represent earth and being grounded. I read off a recipe card.
During the meditation. My mind was as LION. I see the lion as prideful animal. You know the king of beast.
Last family reunion I went to I tried to look at my family as a little mouse in corner or fly on the wall.
I find so many of them. Opinion time...Overly toot there own horn. I had to ask a few people if I was a bragger.
But also I see the male lion as chauvinist. Having his harem to serve on him and being treat as second fiddle.
Question time...Where do you want to be in life? This might sound strange I don't want to be top dog. But I surely don't want to be a scamp either.
I like life just puttering along. But I need a few chuck holes on the way or I will get bored. Anyhow I feel a lion spirit I would get boring fairly quickly.
Then we also had a part as we was bird. I don't recall which bird I would of been. But during the meditation I was flying graceful as independent person over an Island with tropical plant and a red vine flower.
And a lone person sitting on rock with a gold crown on it's head. Couldn't  see any expression on face.
It was interesting what other had to share after meditation.

I posted a newer photo of my self on FACEBOOK and here of course. Just put this photo on my TWITTER PAGE

Coffee is on


  1. Hehe, I laughed at your first paragraph. I like puttering along. I do that well.

  2. I like puttering along through life, just look at my blog title; Drifting Through Life. That's me perfectly.
    I find meditation impossible to do. As soon as I empty my mind to visualise something, I fall asleep. Which is equally relaxing, so that's okay.

  3. Hari Om
    Lion is symbol of courage, of knowing which fight is worth fighting, of knowing when to conserve energy - the lion knows how to putter along, but still get noticed!

    Dora, I just discovered that for some reason your URL is not being recognised by the blog feeder and have missed some posts; no idea why, but this happens occasionally. Have tried resetting it, but to no avail... it means I may miss some posts 'cos without that prompt on my sidebar, I can forget! YAM xx

  4. So nice to see you Dora!!
    Merry Mabon!

  5. I'd rather putter too, but stumbling is usually what happens.

  6. So that's what you look like! I must admit to not feeling up to showing my face on my blog just yet. So just my back profile will have to do! ;)

  7. I thought that when pictures were taken looking up, it's supposed to make you look thinner. So, perhaps your husband has it right on the picture angle. Great shots. It's great to get a good look at you.

  8. I'm not much for puttering but I know that puttering is a good thing. Taking time to purposely slow down. It's a real challenge for me but I try to do a little bit every day. - Great pic btw.

  9. I love your sidebar. I blog what I want to blog about when I feel like it. I'm always getting suggestions like "you need to blog about this." No I don't actually.

  10. I love the in the post you look lovely :-)


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