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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Please Explain Your Self

There been time and actual it quite a few times I should of paid more attention to the rules of basic grammar when posting here on my blog.
Not long ago I made a statement about people with college degree, let say above a Master.
Well on my job there people who figure how many hours in home patient gets. Well someone breaks these hours down to the task that is assign to them.
Usual for laundry your a loud 20 or less minute in week to do the laundry.
See they put everyone in the same box. In there mind these people have washer and dryer in there homes.
Which is farther from the truth.
Most of people who I've taken care of have to use coin operated washer and dryer. Which means you end up taking dirty laundry to a laundry mat.
So you sort the clothes, loud it up in car, drive to laundry mat, and do laundry.
This isn't the entire picture.
Usual these people buy one to two rolls of quarters when there checks comes in. Simple because they don't have the money to do laundry in middle of month.
I guess I wonder who breaks the hours to the task every lived in the real world. Sure if you have washer and dryer at your home. As the washer is going you can do other task around the place.

Murphy and I did a little more on the deck. Almost ready to start to put up the joist braces. Still need to put up two 6 by something on the north and south.
Murphy brought up ideal of putting a fence around it. It to small of deck. I believe I would feel trap. But we thought of putting a some type vine to grow up the south east corner.
Three things I came up with is CLEMATISGRAPES or WISTERIA.

Still sanding on Murphy Grandma old rock cut saw. Got step two done on the end side of it. Which was to take sandpaper and sand off the rust.
Now the next step is to take white vinegar water, 50/50 mix and wash the out side of it down let soak maybe a half hour and take wire brush and with some elbow grease. It will have some type of chemical reaction and it will start to fall off.

Regular house hold chores. Ziggy pretty much nap though out the day and night time. His hunting days are pretty much done with.
Well I didn't realize the bag of cat food was open and spill quite a bit on the floor. Did get pick up. Accidents will happen.

Pork and chicken is the cheapest meat around here. So for change up we bought a pound of rock cod. I recall red snapper being a cheap fish when I was growing up. But now it was $8 something a pound.

Today we been hearing gun firing most of the day. Here you get use to it. One of neighbor down over embankment does quite a bit of target practicing.
But when Murphy and I went into Super One to buy groceries. It seem more people where packing side gun.
Confession time...a little nerving for me. 
One thing I haven't yet seen a female with a gun strapped to her side. But who know what she got in her purse.
I don't even like to much violent. But one day on Regis T.V there was having a Z NATION marathon. I don't care for zombie shows but this one caught my attention.
See I don't believe also in the apocalyptic ending to all human kind. Question time...why would a so called loving God destroy what he created. Makes no since to me.

I don't even like violent games. I guess that why I like farmville. You get a chance to help someone instead of knock or slap them down.
Tomorrow afternoon my Hawaiian Ginger will be ready to be Harvest. Consider I live not far from Canada and I can say I picked some limes. Far as I know no citrus grows here.

Coffee is on 


  1. I wonder what planet the people came from where they can do laundry in 20 minutes. Laundry consists of many little chores, pre-treating, washing, drying/hanging, folding, and putting away - Um, that has to be some kind of typo.
    I'm getting sick of the same meat choices as well ...
    Try not to let the guns bother you, they are being carried by the same people you've known for years - I would make sure of my situations at all times, Ha Ha.

  2. Ah, the joys of bureaucracy. Who knows who comes up with those timings? Sure isn't anyone who knows how things like laundry is accomplished.

  3. Wisteria can be very destructive. Clematis is pretty ok, I think. Ridiculous about the laundry.

  4. 20 minutes or less to do laundry? That's ridiculous.
    I have a washer and dryer, the washer is a front loader automatic and a full wash cycle takes just over an hour, than add another hour to dry the clothes and there's no way I could be done in twenty minutes.
    I think the people who decide the hours should come along with one of the carers now and again just to see how long everything actually takes.

  5. Hari OM
    That last question is right on my territory - this article may help.

    ... and trust me, those 'time management' tables have nothing to do with education level of their creators, but everything to do with that old adage "time is money". Nothing to do with the real world. Even the short wash on my own machine is a half hour. Being involved with aged care for the six years before I retired, it was on of the biggest disagreements between management and 'the floor', as to how much time was actually needed to attend showers, dressing etc. Real headache. You just do what you can to the best of your ability in the time you have; 's all as can be expected.

    How about trellis on three sides of the deck to waist height and are there steps going in? I love wisteria, but as Andrew says, it has a habit of taking over. Clematis is gorgeous - and honeysuckle... YAM xx


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