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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Last Quarter Of Game For 2016

I had plan to post this around the 19th or so. But life happens and never got it up. But I still feel the post title is still fitting. "Last Quarter of Game for 2016.
Confession...I'm trying to figure what part of my goal I've accomplished in 2016. I want to have a yard sale this year and the yard sale season is pretty much on the last leg. Which would of got rid of the pile in the basement.

So Murphy and I came to a so called agreement on the so called yard sale pile in basement and out in the shed/barn.
If the yard sale doesn't happen by end of October 2017. The items will be donate to one of our local thrift store.
One thing I know I don't want to hold on for a possible yard sale years down the road. Take my word I could fine more things to add to the sale.

Changes are happening with work. Liz court day went good no jail time, but a fine of a little over $500.
Her plan was to come back on Sunday the 25th. But her daughter ask her to stay a bit longer. So she going to have her bus ticket date change.
I should know by tommorow all that when stuff. New date and time.
Both Liz and Regis had the same PSR worker. Well she got a better job out of the area. So they will be looking for anthor PSR worker.
But Regis doesn't know Liz isn't comming back as plan.
This doesn't sound like a big issue. My clients are CODEPENED. But I would guess were all to a certain to degree or other. It question of codependened is how far do one take it.

In my last blog post some one suggest I look into some marketing for my ceramics. Since this time in my life I really can't do a ceramic shop, that I possible could use other marketing avenue.
Since I can't afford to stop work this is one way I can do my ceramics.

Still trying to looking around in what I accomplished this year. I know I might of struck out but in honestly I felt I never made it up to bat.
I had to but just can't recall even walking up to the plate.

Coffee is on


  1. Well, if you want to market your ceramics, you might want to look into Etsy. I've had a shop on Etsy for a while. It's a great way to sell a few things and connect with people who want to buy handmade.

    There are a couple other ways to get rid of stuff without having to hold a yard sale. And they might work better, especially this time of year. There's an app I heard about where you post what you have for sale, and it goes out to people in the area who have the same app. Can't recall what it was called, though. That might be an option.

  2. Sounds like Liz did alright, could have been fine and jail.

    I kind of got the drift of Liz and Regis being codependent. One can hope he doesn't get too upset.

    Brave soul for even thinking of having a yard sale. Now would be a good time for one though.

  3. You tried at least and will continue to try.

  4. It's a shame you couldn't get the yard sale happening this year, do you still have time to do it if you hurry?
    Good to hear Liz didn't get jail time.
    I expect Regis will cope with an extra day without her.

  5. Lots of people selling things online now. Worth a try. Good luck :)

  6. Hari OM
    Dora, you may want to watch this video which has several options for online/phone marketing. I get what you mean about not feeling you got anywhere - but it just means smaller stuff has happened, is all! YAM xx

  7. Don't be so hard on yourself Dora, I bet there are so many things you've accomplished this year without even realising it. You could still have the yard sale, even just a small one 😊

  8. I loved going to yard and garage sales when I lived in the US. Wish they had them here in Hong Kong -- but, then, most people don't have yards and garages, among other things! ;b

  9. I think you still have time for that yard sale Dora. People are still having them here in Boise and will until the temps drop too low for them to be sitting outside peddling their wares. :) And you're not the only one who feels like you didn't get a chance at bat. This year flew by so fast it's hard for a lot of us to recall what we've accomplished. :)

  10. poor old liz. but i guess she's probably got away with enough stuff in her life that she's still ahead of the game.


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