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Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Saying Good Bye to Yoruban

You are unaggressive.
You are uncompromising: you think it is wrong to take advantage of others to get ahead. You are calm-seeking: you prefer activities that are quiet, calm, and safe. And you are trusting of others: you believe the best in others and trust people easily.
Your choices are driven by a desire for efficiency.

You are relatively unconcerned with achieving success: you make decisions with little regard for how they show off your talents. You value independence a bit more: you like to set your own goals to decide how to best achieve them
Once again I sort of kept track of weather in July which was mostly “hot” and visited the “Blue Mix” to figure out what kind of PERSONALITY  I might have. So far I seem to be a general a good person.
 Looks like I might be going up to my hours more quickly then what I want to. Something came up because of LaWalla inheritance. Which she ended up all most quieting.
I might as well tell you want going on. LaWalla is very CHEMICAL SENSITIVITY and the United States real does or doesn't recognized this illness or continuation.
So she was getting some help state of Montana. Like Rent subsidize her rent is $50 some dollars a month, and I believe her food stamps/snap was not quite $200 a month.
The only income she claim was her disability of a little over $950 a month. To this point everything is on the up and up.
But she never claim the money she earn doing in-home care. Which would be almost impossible to trace, because they use K-1.....1065 Her taxes would be different then ours because she over 65 years old.
There anther person who works and her filing is different because of her age.
See I pay my own social security in of 15.3% and what I heard and I'm not sure if I'm correct or not. After a certain point that a self employed person over 65 pays 7.75%. Plus your other taxes.
And she never filed. Not even sure if she real need to. I'm guessing so far this year she made just under $4,000. See at this point I took in $8,000 but that not clear.
But then there the inheritance which the IRS been notify that of her mother estate. Which was worth under $100,000 divide by three ways.
I know she had some credit card debt that she was going to pay off, and took the rest of the money and put it in the bank in Canada. 
This could possible mess up her rent subsidize apartment,food stamps, and QMB But the rest of programs usual and depends on program. One can't have resources over $2,000. Your first vehicle doesn't account. Like I said depends on the program and some program the state will put a lean on your home.
I know a few peoples who end up just getting a bit over limit and they lost all of there subsidize programs and end up on the street.
OPINION TIME...They need to raise the resource limit to today cost of living for those who need assistance.
Yesterday Evening I went over Liz to take her a six pack of beer and pack of camels. I talk to a few people head of time and found out she was going though a rough period.
Her brother Cyrus is dying of cancer. See her brother(s) sexual abuse her. I'm not sure which one(s) did.
I'm concern about her son Cyrus and also her.
Found out she scared and embarrass by him. There something real off about him. He swears he can here people think. And when people have conversation there actual talking in code.
OPINION TIME.... He is paranoid schizophrenia.
And in his own mind he just fine. But he medicate him self by alcohol, drinks until he blacks out and is a danger to him self and others. Don't worry around him I watch my back.
Since he hasn't hurt anyone yet. Nothing real can be done.
Sad how Idaho handle there mental ill.
  Well I believe this week I'm going to share my blog on Two social media my twitter ACCOUNT and not sure how I will be doing BLOG HER but haven't quite figure out there new site.
Murphy been doing quite a bit of work and organizing around the place.
I've restarted the dish cloth I'm crochet again
Hope your enjoy some photo I got when Murphy and I went down to Myrtle Creek.

Coffee is on


  1. Anonymous8:45 PM

    I agree Dora. Idaho definitely needs to get the ball rolling in the area of mental health and their cost of living increases for people. You're a good friend to Liz. I hope she appreciates you. It's good you and Murphy get away from time to time even if it's just a day trip. With the issues of all of those around you, sounds like you definitely need to.

  2. Hard cut off points as you describe are not fair at all. Earning a dollar over a limit should not cut out help to zero. No wonder people here and in your country are less than perfectly honest.

  3. OPINION TIME...They need to raise the resource limit to today cost of living for those who need assistance.

    YES!! I agree with this. 100%
    it's shocking how little you are expected to live on with today's cost of living and prices rise all the time.

  4. Nice pictures of your visit to Myrtle Creek!

  5. so good old liz shoplifts, drinks beer, smokes camels and has a lunatic son. you have to be a saint to stand by her.

  6. Cyrus definitely sounds like a paranoid schizophrenic. But, of course, you can't diagnose him. We understand perfectly.


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