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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Oh Those Sunday

Sunday been a laid back day. My left hip is giving me quite a bit of trouble. I just can't get comfortable. Not saying I didn't do anything. If I sit, stand, and or lay I'm not a bit comfortable. I find changing position relieves the pain some. So about every hour I walk around the house. I know my hip pain is do to my weight.

So this morning Murphy and I cut a few boards for our deck. Well Sawyer ask for a photo of the piers. Don't ask me why. I don't fine them exciting. But he said he would post a photo on his Banana tree on my facebook page.

I didn't want to use nasty chemical to remove the rust from the old rock cut saw. So I use a basic white vinegar and water. Let it stand and take a wire brush and scrub.
I can see the old rust coming off.
But I read that crunch up aluminium foil works on removing rust. It worth a try but still will treat it with white vinegar.

I was ask about pear drying. Well it same as apples. Peel and slice them. But it takes a little longer then apples.
I should have Wednesday off. I'm hoping to get some zucchini out of our garden, and dry them. I slice it up and add some seasoning. Then put them in the dehydrator.

Figuring my work schedule out for next week. I quite often wonder about how these so call mucky mucks figure the hours of what my in home clients receives, or any in home clients get.
Regis gets 16 hours a week and can't go over 69.5 in a month.
Liz gets 15 hours a week and can't go over 64 hours in a month.
So Regis have 5.5 hours left in month and Liz have 4 hours. Which I will do Liz hour all on Monday after noon. I'll split Regis hours up in two days. Tuesday he has his Cognitive
But before Saturday. Our work week actual start on Sunday and ends on Saturday. I need to slam in 11 hours for Liz and 10.5 hours for Regis.
And if we go over our a sign time we don't get paid.

I've always found FARMVILLE relaxing. I'm going to try to get back into it again. Hopeful instead of food it will help me unwind after work.

Coffee is on


  1. I never got into Farmville. I do love Candy Crush, though.

  2. I've never dried any fruit or veg, I just eat or cook things the way they come. Apples are almost my favourite fruit, apricots are the first favourite. I like zucchini grated into lots of recipes; spaghetti sauce, meatloaf, soups.

  3. Hari OM
    I'm a 'fish farmer'! I started out with pocket pond 2, maxed it out. then fish farm original and maxed that out, so am now working my way through ff2. It is a good way to distract! I too love zucchini - though I don't believe I have ever tried it dried before! YAM xx

  4. That last pic is a pretty hen!

    I don't play online games - I am limited.

    Seems to me, I dried some zucchini, but don't remember how it was when cooked.

  5. I hope your hip is feeling better Dora. I wish I had some of your zucchini. I'm in the mood to bake some breads!

  6. Nice to meet you Dora. You have an interesting blog. I've never tried drying apples or pears. We sun dry tomatoes when the weather permits, they have such an intense flavour.

  7. I notice your weight loss ticker is moving along nicely. Well done :)

  8. Lovely produce from your garden. Hope you are feeling better and best wishes on losing weight.


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