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Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Now I Need a New Game Plan

There this blog called LOST ART REVIVED which talks about letter writing. Question time...How many remember pen pals? 
Miss P has some wonderful ideal on stationary and envelopes.
Lot or I should most of my writing supplies comes out of the thrift stores. The envelope above I made from some wall paper I got at a local thrift store. Quite a bit on roll and didn't pay a dollar for it.
I thought of sending her the ideal of writing on photos. I don't do this very often mainly because of cost.
But after a while I've taken backs of photos and use it as writing paper. Mostly if they seem interested in area I live in.
So I took three photos. One of town south of me NAPLES which is photo of the general store. But the town north of me is BONNERS FERRY and last one is cows out summer pasture across the road form me.
Hope you all enjoy the photos.

Although it not in this photo there anther store on our main street just closed in Bonners Ferry BOARDWALK BOUTIQUE. Not sure if the one in Courd'Alene is closing. It been around for a lease 35 years.
But it hard to compete with big box store. Statement time...some what expensive for most our local population.
I bought a few items. A dress size 10 and freshly out of high school.

I had comment if I know how to eat correctly or not. The sad truth is "yes". In our T.O.P.S group we where doing a contest which help built healthy eating habits. It became to much because of my increase work hours. So I drop out. And now trying to figure out a simpler weight lost regiment for my self.
Home care is stressful. Confession time...Not handling stress well I add more to it then need be.
Hopeful in next few days I can figure out regiment for weight lost and handle my job.
Good News is I lost a 1/2 pound.

Naples isn't big at all. The main hub is the general store. To me it remind me of SAM DRUCKER and the general store. There a few other business NORTH WOODS and a inn.

Liz been fighting with depression. And didn't want to go out. So Regis ask if I would take him to one of the thrift stores in Bonners Ferry. He got some toys and bugs. I looked at fabric say nothing except one pieces. I need some lighter colors for my up coming locker hooking projects. First I thought it said fifty nine cent. But it was a $1.59 more then I was willing to pay for it.
So I got a few patterns.

  The cattle been out in there summer pasture across the road form our home. Not sure how many is out there this summer.
Every year there a bull. I ask owner in past if they name any there cows. Well they don't some will head to slaughter this fall. So they don't want to become attach.
Personal I think the bull looks like "Amadeus" Question time...what would you name the bull in the photo?

Still looking though Philadelphia 1850 census for my 2nd great grand parents John and Hannah (Ross) Shirley.
I'm starting to understand the term loose your self in the city. I believe I only ran into two other Shirley so far. And no Ross.
But I did find out who my husband fourth great grand dad "Balazarus" Vandenberg. I'm trying to figure out what "Balazarus" means.
One of my third Great Grand father name was "Mathias" and in United States record he is listed as Mathew or some form of it

Since I brought up letter writing...Here is my snail mail address if there any takers.
Dora Vandenberg
159 Julian rd
Naples Id 83847-5120
Coffee is on


  1. Hari OM
    I love your inventive stationery! I think that blogging is the closest thing in modern times to the penfriending... Having had the privilege to meet so many of my blogpals I know that it works in that same way. The photos are great - I think the bull is 'Hagrid'...

    Yeah, stress and dieting are not the best of mates; I guess the best thing to attempt first is simply to reduce the inbetween meals snackering - or at least make the snacks a some fruit and nothing else. wishing the best with it at least. YAM xx

  2. that bull looks like a donald to me.

  3. Glad to know that pen pals haven't gone the way of the telegraph. Mail is so fun.

    Not going to try to name the bull. I have a hard enough time naming fictional characters. Couldn't even help in coming up with a different name for roommate's dog. She came with the name Buttercup...

  4. I like the envelope you made.
    I know how to eat 'properly' too, but too often I just don't do it.
    I eat the wrong things too often and too much.
    It's comfort eating and just plain bad habit.
    I stopped snacking so much, but didn't lose any weight yet.

    We tried pen pals when in primary school, our teacher had us all write letters to children somewhere overseas, she had a list of names and addresses, I forget where, maybe Fiji,and then we waited to get letters back. Some kids got a letter, but most of us never got a reply at all.

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