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Friday, August 05, 2016


It been a while since I've did post before noon. I decided to make my work week shorter. I usual put in 19 hours a week. Gave 3.50 hours to LaWalla. So this week I actual I only put in 16 hours.
Not sure how I'm looking forward to up coming 31 hours a weeks. Which will be on going sometime.
  Statement time...Home care after a while wears on you. Doesn't matter how good your clients are.
So Murphy and I are going up to Myrtle creek. Don't think I'll be taking the camera down to creek.

Don't you hate it...Question time...when you can't find one of your back post that you want to make link? 
I'm looking for the post about Liz going to Utah and taking care of and old fine. Sounds a little odd to me that she can't take care of it here.
It was for not having liability insurance on her rig. That what is says. She always been honest with me.
Like Idaho, but Utah isn't friendly either to poor and or people with disability.
Not saying anyone should not be responsible for there choices in life.
But to me it seem strange that she could mail or wire money to pay the fine.

Actual this worries me. She only planning to be gone for about a little more then week. She has 2 children in area and grandchildren in that neck of woods.
But I have hunch she will be down there, more then that.

If you miss your services more than 30 days. So if either one of my clients receives no in home care in 30 day period. They loose there in-home benefits, and they start over again.
This Tuesday will be Regis Medicaid review with the nurse. Don't expect much change. He had 16 hours a week for who know how long.

Before it get to hot. I toss the ball for Daisy and mail some happy mail off to New Zealand. I actual have quite a few pen pals though out the world.
Every so often I make my own envelopes usual from old calendars and wall papers. Which I get the thrift stores.

Murphy plant a roll of spinach out in garden. Cook breakfast which was BLT sandwiches. Did up the dishes. Oh yes and mail off my progress notes for my clients. Which is also my pay slips.

At this point I have to say the morning been Great.

Coffee is on



  1. Did you try searching the post? In the top left hand corner of your blog, there's a search bar. If you enter either the title (if you can recall it) or something distinctive about it, you'll get a list of possible posts. I found a post I was looking for that way once.

  2. Love the additional photos of trip to creek.

    No, it wouldn't be good for Liz to be gone very long and lose her benefits.

  3. You get more done in the morning than I do all day. I'm retired, so I get up slow and drink coffee or eat breakfast while I read a book or read on the computer. I've got lazy since I gave up working.
    It seems a terrible shame for people to lose their benefits if they miss care for 30 days. Is it possible for Liz to ask someone to fill in for her for a few days?

  4. Hari OM
    That is a strange about the fine payment... but I guess if Liz has family that way, there is an incentive for her to go - but as you say, she needs to not get lost in time! Am glad I'm not the only one in the world who likes to reuse old calendars and such like!!! Hope the day continues as it started... YAM xx

  5. It's been a while since I posted before noon too. I tend to like blogging in the evening or even late at night -- as the time stamps on my blog posts will show! ;b


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