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Friday, August 19, 2016

It's Going Out

I knew I had to spend some money which I don't like my Acura has some major issue. Oil was going in my radiator overflow with metal flakes all though it.
So I found a Cadillac 2004 for $3,500 with 85,000 miles on it. So I drew some money out of Saving.
It was bothering me going to work and leaving Murphy at home. We don't have any public trans-portion out where I live. He said it didn't bother him being stuck out in the country.

This weekend is our local fair. Thursday I took both Regis and I to the fair. I understand Oregon when giving home care hours figures some time for the caregiver and there clients. Have a bit of social life. So weekly I try to take them some place. Usual it a thrift store.
Opinion time.....Just doing in-home care just in home environment but getting them out a bit, actual does wonders for them.
Today Murphy and I meant Quellea at the fair for our morning coffee. So all three of us tour the fair.
 The photo post and will have more to post for a while.

My sewing machine came and haven't yet had time to set it up. I have a folding table with stuff on it. Need to figure where to put the items. I know a few items will be toss in the trash can.
Vapor Machine which is on my sewing table will be put on rock cutting table. Which need a little cleaning and not sure how we will get it in the house. It super heavy.

Eating still so. At the fair I had a grill cheese sandwich and side potato salad which I would guess it was a half cup.
I promise all of them a snow cone. It was super hot.
Dinner tonight a chunk of roast beef, bake potato and I had cottage cheese on mine, and green beans picked from our garden.

The deck is coming a long but not at rate we would like. Murphy with some help from me. Got the pick up oil change.
Not much more to say. Now need or should write a check for our water bill.

Coffee is on


  1. Cute pigs and lambs. It is dinner time here and I am hungry.

  2. Love you got the Cadillac. You will now be The Queen of Everything when you are riding in it :-) A bit of time our of doors does wonders for all of us. It always boosts my spirit when I am down in the dumps. Hope you enjoyed your coffee. I bought a gaget that I plug my old timey percolator into and then it cuts it on at the set time. WOOHOO. I am a happy camper. It works. Thanks for hopping over to my blog. Please do come back and I will do the same. genie

  3. I hope the Caddy holds up okay for a while, they are expensive to fix.

  4. Hari OM
    Cars are such a wear on the $$$ yet such a necessary item when living remote. Love the piggy piccies! And I envy those with gardens to grow their own veg; mmmm fresh beans.... YAM xx

  5. I'm hoping the 'new' car serves you well.

    My favorite parts of the fair were the animals and quilts. Cute piggies!

  6. I'm so blessed in terms of having access to great public transportation over here in Hong Kong: trains, buses, trams, ferries -- you name it. I have to admit to hating to drive so much that I really don't want to live any place where I can't just get on a bus or train... On the other hand, I know lots of Americans for whom the car remains king!

  7. It's nice that you take your people out when you can, even a thrift store is better than just sitting in the house all the time.

  8. Yes, getting out of the house is always a good idea. There's got to be someplace else you could go that doesn't have shopping attached. Because going out is good, but the thought that the only reason one goes out is to go shopping is kind of silly. (Although, that's the main reason I go anywhere...)

  9. Anonymous9:32 AM

    Yay for a new ride! :) I hope it lasts a long, long time. And I totally agree about taking your clients out n' about. My DIL works in a group home and they absolutely take their residents out and they all love it. Cute pics. The Idaho State Fair should be starting up this weekend I think.


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