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Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Is It Always Going To Be Stuggle

The weather been much cooler and Daisy must loved. Her and I played fetch in the morning, afternoon, and after dinner.
When it super hot I won't toss the ball for her. I know she dis-pointed and looks pit-full at her ball. Not sure if dogs can have heat stroke or not.
Not sure when I will be able to get her TEETH Cleaned.
Well today I got out her bone. The South Hill butcher has a big barrel of bones that they give away. A lot of people stop in and get them for there furry pals.
But when the yellow jacket are out I usual put it in a plastic bag, and put in our fridge.

I don't know why loosing weight is such a struggle. And I make the choices I do when it come to food.
Not long ago I put a glop of peanut butter and mixed with powder sugar. Then ate it!
As far as I can figure out why I eat other them breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
I'm bored or stress.
This is one of the reason I don't want to go to work 31 hours a week. My client Liz and Regis isn't all that hard.
Confession time....I'm afraid after my shift is over and when I come home. I'll start eating uncontrollably. 
So I need to have plan.

Our home project is to re-stack some of the lumber back in yard/shed. With my up coming hours the deck became smaller. We're looking of doing a 9.5 X 9.5 (2.89) X (2.89).
I still want to do a yard sale before the snow flies, and I wonder if it will happen.

I had the wise ideal to mop my floors today, forgot the swifter wet jet mop was broken. Don't ask why I never took out with trash. We had for quite a few years and I got cleaning a house out.
It been a while one the thrift stores here had a STEAM MOP and it was still in the package it came in, don't recall the price.

But I real can't buy it. Don't know why but our electrical bill is usual here on the 1st to 3rd of each month.
So far the only bill we got for this month is our water $43.88 and the base cost is $41.00.
See here in the United States a bank can hold a check up to 5 days before depositing it in to our account. But they hold it longer then 5 days with out good reason, and there reason listed.
The main reason there holding it so they can make money from it.
Usual it deposit before the five days. But any type of payment from Social Security goes in and no holding it.
Hubby check comes on the 4th Wednesday and it deposit at 12.01 AM, every month like clock work.

Talk to Bart this evening, but I was going to call him after I ate dinner. It been a while since I talk to him.
Well we're thinking of going to Spokane and visiting them.
To find out there going to be at ART ON THE GREEN  in Courd'Alene. I been to it a few times long time ago when it first started.
Everything was out of our price range. But it still nice to look at all the arts and craft there. Any how to find out that Bart Mother in law is putting on a dance performance.
So we will probable meet them there. It been a while since I seen my Grand daughter Claudia.

A few more photos from our trip to Myrtle Creek.

Coffee is on


  1. Hari Om
    yes, dogs, very much can get heat stroke. I used to freeze bananas and water melon for my angel Jade - she loved them! Your piccies of the water are beautiful!!! I know what you mean about the picky eating thing; even as someone who trained in nutrition and who does actually do the right thing (most of the time) the weight just clings to me. Being over 'that certain age' doesn't help. Nor does the being sat at a desk most of the time... sigh... And I was surprised on my recent trip to the States to discover that so many folk still operate by cheque. It is so far behind the rest of the world, which operates almost entirely electronically now! Don't think I have written (or rec'd) a cheque in the last ten years. YAM xx

  2. My dogs would love a cool-down, guess they'll have to wait a bit. They won't even go outside when it's overly hot.

    Nice pictures - that top one looks like a B/W one my dad took when he was in Idaho 80 years ago.

  3. The cheques are interesting. Nobody here uses cheques anymore. It is all done online, pay bills, transfer money to someone, move your own money from one account to another. Old people tend to go to the post office to pay bills with cash and their pension, as are wages for workers, go directly to you bank account.

  4. Oh yes, the pine trees remind me of Canada.

  5. I was never good at calorie counting. I've decided I'm happy with my weight. Although, I still do the 5/2 diet. It's something you might want to look up. It's helped me in ways I didn't imagine.

  6. I have the idea to mop my floors almost every day, but I ignore it and soon the feeling goes away. My floors aren't too bad anyway, just dusty, with cat hair.
    My weight isn't too bad, but I know I could lose some if I could just stop eating so much ice cream.

  7. August here is likely too be 100 degrees the whole month, it will start cooling down near the end of September. Lows here are in the 70's.

    Nice pictures...


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