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Saturday, August 27, 2016

I Know My Brain Isn't Slipping

It been 3 days since I post. Usual my days or lease on the week days consist of going to work. So Friday I took my clients Regis and Liz over to Troy. LaWalla lives there. We had fun and a good visit. Plus visited there FARMER MARKET

Actual I should be thankful. There wasn't anything memorable to post about. It good when things aren't to exciting. When life is basically smooth sailing
When I take Liz in public places. I often worry about her behavior. But recently she doing much better.
I remind her  "Not every issue needs to be fought" or "pick your fights wisely"
But she didn't come right out in say it. But she drop strong hints that she might have BORDERLINE PERSONALITY
For a short time Liz was having trouble but not sure what her therapist did. But I was starting to wonder if she was heading to LARGER BEHAVIOR HEATH center.

I've done in home care for a long time. There those who believe they have DEMONS are attach to them.
I believe in wide degree of good and evil. Opinion time....I believe he is the FACE OF EVIL 
But must time I would classify a demons or angels as "adjective" that can be agitate away if needed or so desired. It actual easy to get rid of demons. But it harder to keep the demon from going around the block and gather up some of there buddies.
As a pagan many don't believe devil or demons. I'm one who believes in demons, we call them fear, lonely, angry, abusive, cowardly, defeated, hopelessness, frustrated, victimized, resentful, and there is more. But to what degree is each of these so called demons, one should be asking them self. What sort of control does these demons have on our life, and or why do we keep it around.

Things are slowly getting done around here. Still doing the deck. Not sure what we did today but we got something else done with the frame.
My friend Quenella gave me some pears and we dried them. We still have a few pears, one of Murphy favor pie is PEAR PIE

Coffee is on



  1. My ex has demons called fear, paranoia and depression. Also has biggest demon called alcoholism which he is trying hard to overcome. Doing pretty well most of the time. He has plenty of people to help him with talking things through. He has a doctor, and a psychologist and a psychiatrist and me.

  2. How on earth do you dry pears? Whole pears or slices?

  3. Hari OM
    Oh yes, and the biggest 'demon' is indeed at top of your list... fear... it keeps us under its control so much of the time! ... I'm partial to a pear too, pie or dried! YAM xx

  4. MMMmmmm, I do love dried pears! (And dried apples, apricots, everything fruit actually)

    I think if we didn't have a demon or two - we wouldn't be human.

  5. I kinda like that definition of demon.

    That's the rub, isn't it? If you have a relatively easy day, there's nothing to blog about. But if you have something to blog about, you had to work hard for it. Ah well. Glad you had an easy day.

  6. My god, you live in Montana! You no doubt do better with cold weather than I. I survived two years in Minnesota—but barely—and have spent the rest of my winters either in Mississippi or in the Willamette Valley where the Pacific keeps the winter weather warm.


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