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Friday, August 12, 2016

Hope I Got It Right

On Daisy teeth cleaning. I sure I got it set up now. One thing I don't want to do is with draw any money until there close to $800.
Last time I look I had $25.00. So I decided to match the amount donate plus 10%. Not saying I never did a dishonest thing in my life. I tell people I'm general over 95% honest.
So at this time it looks like there 53.00 for Daisy teeth cleaning.

Question time...Why is it easier to ask for help for someone else? There quite a few times I had to find help for my in-home clients.
Not sure this GUIDE LINE is net or gross. Both of my clients yearly income is around 9,000 to 9,500 a year.
Our 2015 adjustable gross tax income was $16,500.
I grip a lot on my blog, and I'm sorry if I irradiate people.  I should be a lot more thankful. A lease I don't have either one of my clients mind.

I got in still a short walk. and before I went left for work I vacuumed. And meant my friend Quenella for coffee at "Under the Sun"
Today Regis had his interview with the Medicaid nurse. This one has some under standing of the mental illness.
One of the medicaid nurse was doing a re-valuation for client ages ago. I brought up something with the nurse. She told me to "shut up" and I didn't have a bachelors that I didn't know anything...I look at her and said. "No I don't have a fancy college degree, but I'm here on almost a daily bases and I know what going on". Then I told her a lease I have common sense and empathy.
Before the medicaid nurse came Lana there social worker was there. She meant the nurse who told me to shut up.
Don't know if she quite or got fired.
She told me how she rode one of the client on having nail polish. Wonder how they could afford it. You can go to dollar store and get for $1.00. Or I've seen it in a thrift store usual under .50 cents.
Lunch eating been the hardest for me. Not what I eat but the time.

Coffee is on


  1. Hari OM
    Hey I gripe on my blog too - I call it 'menolooping'! Commonsense is a rare commodity these days, and you are right to point out that you are the daily observer; too often these things are overlooked by the 'bright' ones.

    Matching numbers for Daisy is a good idea. Did you look to see if you can get the code to put a button on your sidebar? I am sure there must be something like that on the help page at GFM.

    Asking help for oneself, especially if one is in the caring profession, is recognized as being one of the hardest things to do... but it's an okay thing to do; provided it's at least 95% honest! &*> YAM xx

  2. It's easier to ask for help for someone else because we all want to do it ourselves. I think.

    Some people are just rude. I just remember that how they react is their karma. How we respond is ours.


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