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Monday, August 08, 2016

Don't Understand

Both Hubby and I are DOCTOR WHO fan. So I got 3 dvd from library in Sandpoint. I never seen anything like this before. Ok once while you will get dvd that doesn't work. But all three of them.
First I thought maybe our player didn't like Warner Brothers dvd. But I put in anther dvd by Warner Brothers, not Dr Who it played fine.
So I took tapes over to Regis and it played fine on his player.
Still shaking my head on what going on.

It been a while since I took a walk. So Daisy and I walk before I went to work. Actual work went smoothly.
But I'll be glad when the medicaid nurse is done interviewing Regis.

I wish there wasn't so many cookies around where I work. Weigh in tomorrow, and I honestly don't want to face the scales.
Breakfast pancake and sausage.
Lunch egg salad sandwich, and I like a little onion in it. Also add a little bit of clintro. Peanuts in candy yogurt. Plus celery sticks.
Dinner. Pork chops, onion and zuchani, and also mac n cheese.

Coffee is on


  1. Which seasons of Doctor Who? I'm a fan as well. (Well, only the modern iteration. I never saw any of the original episodes.)

  2. Maybe the Dr Who dvds only play on a multi region player? I have some dvds that only play on a multi region player. I find it annoying having to switch from my new region 4 player to the old multi region player which doesn't always work anymore, it's too old.

    I had Mac and cheese for dinner last night too. But that was all I had, no chops or salad, no dessert either, I wanted ice cream but didn't have any left and it was too late to get to the shops.

  3. Do you receive dietary advice? Or do you know anyway?

    Pancake and sausage for breakfast doesn't sound good. Cereal and toast would be just as filling.

    Peanuts in candy yoghurt sounds like a lot of sugar at lunch time.

    Dinner should be pork chops, onion, zucchini and more vegetables including a small serve of potato, not macaroni cheese which is surely a meal on itself.

  4. Are you sure the "DVD"s you got weren't actually Blue Ray? I've done that a few times. It's frustrating.

  5. I'm wondering: are they Region 2 DVDs? If so, they won't play on a regular American standalone DVD player... but should on your computer's DVD player!

  6. @Alice Audrey; blue ray dvds will work in a regular dvd player. I have some blue rays and they play just fine. I keep wanting to buy a blue ray player but the cost is a bit high to consider when my regular players still work.


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