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Sunday, August 07, 2016

A Little On Edge.

Tomorrow I'll be starting my 31 hour work week. I pretty much figure out how I will do it. I have to say I sure will be glad when the re-certification for Regis will be done. The medicaid nurse will be there on Tuesday.
It usual best not to say anything. Open mouth and remove all doubt. But he has one item to put to his mobility devices "false teeth"
At first I didn't quite get mobility devices at first I though as a mobility devices would crutches, cans, lifts, and wheel chairs device.
But his teeth helps him eat and pronounce words much better.
Then also he been going to speech therapy for his COGNITIVE THERAPY. This might squeeze and extra 15 minutes out of state.
But I believe it will stay the same.

Confession time...I'm a little nervous when it comes to my increase hours, that I will handle what every by eating.
So far today I've done fine.
Breakfast BLT
Lunch left over spaghetti,
Snack butterfingers and bowl cheerios with a banana.

Yesterday Murphy and I went ART ON THE GREEN. It sure has grown. They add the STREET FAIR  and TASTE OF COURD ALENE.
One thing I got to see is My Grand Daughter Claudia.

Had may son Bart take a few photos of Murphy and I with our Grand daughter. Every-time or all most every time I see my self in a photo.
I'm embarrasses how heavy I let my self get.

Molly mom dance student went and danced  at art on the green. In joyed there performance.  Sorry the video clip isn't all that good.

Murphy and I kicked down the steps off our slider. Planning to but in a deck. On the way back we got three concert piers at home depot. Cost us under $11. Got three when we tore down the shed on bench.
But hardly anything goes at my speed or exception. And I don't have super exception.

Still trying to fine my 2nd Great Grandfather "John Shirley" and his wife Hannah (Ross) Shirley. in the 1850 census of Philadelphia.
They got married 2nd March 1849 in Philadelphia. St John Episcopal church. There a good chance when they first got married they lived with a family member. Which I'm hoping. Right now I ran into a dead end on him.
Her I have her parents. Both of her parents John and Ann (Gault) Ross died before she was 16. Also her only sister Elizabeth pass before she was married.

Since the weather cool off a bit. Got a little more playing fetch with Daisy. And clear up some clutter.

Coffee is on



  1. Your granddaughter looks like a little angel.

  2. Your granddaughter looks like a little angel.

  3. Your grand daughter is a real cutie. Nice to see a photo of you. I feel the same as you when I see pictures of myself now, I used to be such a skinny little thing!
    I think eating has become a comfort thing for me and a habit too.

  4. Claudia is a real cutie! I'm sure you were thrilled to see her!
    We have an art fair in Florence every year. There are some truly amazing artists around here.

  5. Hooray, a picture of you! You look great!


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