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Monday, July 04, 2016

What Every

There actual quite a bit to choose from in life. One thing for sure you have no choice who your family may or not be.
My first guess that Murphy sister Faith lost our new phone #. Usual on the 4th we go to her place and celebrate our INDEPENDENCE.
I know Faith youngest daughter Gissele doesn't care for her Uncle Murphy or me. Simple because we're tend to lean toward liberal thinking.
Confession time...Lot of the time I find there ideology appalling. I believe it was Christmas or Easter Gissele husband Terry and his father in law Jeff making racist remarks about happening with shooting of MICHAEL BROWN.
Editor Note...I decided to remove the racist remark. Repeating it just makes me sound as low class and stupid.
When I heard that remark. I thought what an idiot. It would take an entire posting on what service they got from our government and us tax payer.
I believe in supporting our government.
So they even might be a feud between someone other family members, and Faith doesn't want to bring it to her place.
Time to move on.

We spray Daisy down good for fleas. Not sure why she been bother with them so much this season.
Washing her down yesterday and spraying seem to help.
Now I'm going though the house washing and VINEGAR DISINFECTANT  but I see it wouldn't hurt to add little hydrogen peroxide.
But still need to worm her.

Murphy mow the grass and worked in garden a bit. As I went and took care of Regis. We got a stray tomato coming up in corn patch.
My guess it was from last year. So we're calling the new plant a "cornato"
A few flowers are in bloom and some are coming on.

Tomorrow I'll be bringing in our new contest "keep it going" for our T.O.P.S
It seem to do a test run on our contest. That way we can take out the kinks.
Breakfast bowl of grapenuts and fresh raspberries form our bushes.
Now I might as well mention my snack. One thing I like and safeway carries them, jack pepper cheese stick, and one Oreo cookie.
I guess one could call it more then a snack. I had some type ginger dish from deli in Super One.
I wait for Regis to his shopping.
Lunch left over Pizza from yesterday.
Dinner beets from our garden, salmon, and corn on cob.
Since the weather was comfortable after work I took a short walk.

Found a little more info on some of my MICHIGAN family. Ran in to some info on my Great Grand Mother Dora (Stansell) Witherell siblings "Jennie" and "Charles".
Married a guy name of "Bert Bissel" and it got me wonder if family have any connect to the Vacuum cleaner company and if, so.
But it seem a lot of my dad side they seem not to reproduce as some other family. I keep running into only children and CHILDLESS  couples.
If they choose not have children that's a choice. But I find it some what sad if the couple just could have children because of INFERTILITY.

Coffee is on


  1. The extremely racist remark was a very brave thing to say. I can imagine similar might be said here, but not by anyone I know. I'm afraid I could not have anything to do with someone who said such a thing.

  2. Andrew. It quite embarrassing when your family has raciest in it.

  3. .. hello Dora.. I'm Barb and this is my first visit to your blog.. Thank you again for visiting me.. you are welcome any time....

    Sometimes my family do and say things that upsets me.... it's hard sometimes ...we all have strong opinions. lol ...

    Thanks for the coffee...
    ..hugs... Barb xxx

  4. Family disputes are not fun. Better to not deal with those members of the family, I think.

  5. flowers look lovely. Thanks for visiting me gosia from Poland

  6. Nope, we sure cannot pick our relatives. If a person could, though, who would they pick?

    Your flowers are so pretty. Cornato - cute. Always nice to have a volunteer show up, in time to make tomatoes. :-)

  7. cornatoes! sounds like an excellent addition to the garden.

  8. Dearest Dora,
    Too late for reciprocating for wishing you Happy 4th of July.
    We were traveling in Florida so I was away from my PC.
    Hope you had a good 240th Birthday celebration of our great nation. BUT we have to be very careful for not losing it...
    Your spontaneous tomato from seeds is fun to see grow up and I guess it will yield you some tomatoes as well.
    Political fights in a family or amongst friends are never fun!
    We better pray for our nation and that honesty will prevail in the end.
    Those that think to be above the law, at a price of other people's lives are plain evil.
    It is just the greed for money and not standing up for the rights of the people.
    Sending you hugs,


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