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Friday, July 08, 2016

No It Was The Repair Man

Regis made a few repair quest on his place. They been trying to get hold of him and make agreement for the repair man to come in.
I have no ideal how he figure that someone coming into clean.
I have trouble is he actual experience an altered reality or he just plain faking it, so he could get something for it.
But no harm done.

After the repair guy and some cleaning. I headed out to Liz so I can get my paper work done and sent off. So this week I work 18 hours.
LaWalla is finish up the week with Liz she will put in 13 hours for the week.

LaWalla brought over some MARY JANES FARM magazine and considered getting prescription. So also brought over a sample to show Liz of LOCKER HOOKER piece, trivet.
She going to teach Alice and I how to this. But it seem something always came up and why we never could meet.
So we're trying for this fall.
Can't prove anything but possible Liz will join us learning looker hooking
See LaWalla is planning to semi quite the company we do in-home care.
She 66 and also has some health issues. And to maintain her health it some what costly. She very CHEMICAL SENSITIVITY.
She getting a small inheritance from her mom and she planning to pay off her credit card and bank the rest in Canada.
So the check will be here in July or August, and I will go back to 31 hours a week. But I will have her come over 1 or 2 days in the month.
September planning to
In September Murphy and I want to fly down to see Sawyer and Betty down in Medford. LaWalla will fill in for week.
After I get back she probable won't be going back. Driving from Troy to Bonners Ferry is a little much.
Not sure what will happen after winter. If I had the chance to get out of doing in home care I would.

When Regis and I was at the good will. Bought two more so called mask to hang on power line pole. A moon and sun.
Plus Daisy a new toy.

She doing much better from the fleas. Still worrying about her. She got bite up pretty good, and her skin is tender.
But she is very willing to play fetch. Mostly with her new toy.

Murphy clean out the shop/garage and we haul the trash to dump. He want to stack the lumber for the deck framing in the shop/garage.
I have the next couple of days off and so he and I should be able to get it in the shop/garage.

Eating been odd. Lunch was so late and I was hoping a piece of left over pork would be around but it wasn't so I grab some yogurt.
Breakfast was pretty early and had a BLT sandwich and a little before I left for work ate some grapenuts with resins.
Dinner Chicken noodle soup and carrots we put in it was out of our garden. Except for the celery and onions.
I will eat a little something before seven. Thinking about plain popcorn.
Had a nice walk this morning and been walking around the property

Every felt like your PMS (ing) and your middle age woman who haven't had a period in four years....One minute your depress and next minute and next minute I'm having a panic attack..................Now what up with this crap.

Coffee is on


  1. If he gets free cleaning, then it's bound to be fake. Still, if it gets you paid and out of there, it's all good.

    As to the return of menopause, I suffered some problems with it because of weight loss. Although it's a real good thing to have ditched so much fat, that part is a pain.

  2. I like the masks on the power pole, they're lovely.
    The locker hooking looks a little complicated. I'm not the crafty sort of person my mother was. I would much rather have someone else do it for me. While I read a book.

  3. I had never heard of Locker Hooking. Looks like it could take a while. Pretty neat though.

    Your pole is getting quite a collection! :-)

  4. Anonymous2:35 PM

    The most colourful power line pole I have seen so far!

  5. The trivet looks pretty cool. I hope you guys decide to do them.

  6. Lot's of interesting stuff going on. And I can totally relate with the PMS!

  7. Menopause is not being totally kind to me nowadays. I never had the hot flashes but was having other issues. And I love your power pole. Do you ever engage in yarn bombing?

  8. Ah, a repair man! That makes sense.

    I'd never heard of locker hooking. I did latch hooking when I was a kid. It's similar, but locker hooking looks a lot more intricate.


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