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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Just Finishing Up

Just got done playing fetch with Daisy. Not sure if she can tell time or count. I told her we will play fetch when it much cooler out side. or around 7.
Told her I would only toss the ball 7 times. When number 5 rolls round. She brings it back much slower.

Today Qunella and I went down to Sandpoint. She had to see the eye doctor about some sack around the eye.

But before that we went to both of the thrift store behind walmart. Pick up a necklace and bracelet is for me. An award for my self for loosing weight this week.
The necklace is a gift for a secret sister who lives in New-Zealand. So the other thing I will share later in the post. What I got for my Grand daughter Claudia and other items. Didn't spent over $20 there.

Well Qunella took me out for a bowl of soup and we ate the HOOT OWL which had enchilada soup. They make these giant sweet rolls which has a ton of cream cheese icing and nice hot butter melting.
I can't eat an entire one. So her and I had a fourth of one. So she gave Murphy her other fourth and I had mine just right before seven in evening. I don't eat after 7 in the evening.
Breakfast egg, potatoes, and bacon.
Lunch I ate out.
Dinner. ground beef gravy over potatoes. With blueberries and raspberry serve with whip cream.
Oh on the way back we pull though Burger king and had sundae.
This was to be my naughty day for eating. I figure and it worked out in my plan that when I was down in Sandpoint. I was going to eat some junk food.

We did a few errands around the Sandpoint area. Qunella mother gifts some cash to her 3 children. $3,500 twice a year.
So she got a few items she needed.

Before we left I help Murphy move more lumber. So I guess Friday after work and if not pouring rain we will finish moving the rest of the lumber.
Possible Saturday we can use the power washer on the boards.

As Qunella was in the doctor I got two letters written to two pen pals. Both on the east coast and the other one on Maine and one in Florida.

Coffee is on


  1. Nice to hear Daisy is well enough to chase balls now.
    I like the little blue overalls, very sweet.
    It's good to have an occasional junk food day, I do it maybe twice a year.

  2. You always find the most impressive bargains.

    Congrats on the weight loss, especially if you can still eat things like butter. I've been holding steady lately, but not getting enough exercise.

  3. Wow...love the jewelry.

  4. What cute little overall shorts! You do find the most adorable things when you go thrifting!

  5. Hari OM
    ...real live hand-written letters??? Fabulous! I love going round the 'op shops', as they are called in Australia; here in the UK, where I live now, they are just called charity stores, which is pretty boring. Good to meet you Dora - thanks for dropping by my photo blog... but I think you might prefer my magazine blog (the 'MENO'moirs); might be more your cuppa. Yes mine's tea (allergic to coffee) and the kettle's always on! YAM xx

  6. Having penpals is unusual nowadays and very nice to hear.

  7. That would be interesting to see if Daisy does know how to count. I wonder how you'd test that.


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