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Friday, July 15, 2016

It Calming Down A Bit.

Decided to start Ms Daisy a “Go Fund Me” page. For her TEETH a good cleaning. If anyone could donate it would be greatly appreciate. Just click on word “Teeth” in capital letters. 
Please let other know.

I meant LaWalla at Under the Sun for some coffee. We decided to go look though the fabric shops we have 3 in Bonners Ferry.
But to fine out she worked I believe was 10.5 hours on Thursday, with Liz and I already done 3 hours. So that left 2.5 hours for Liz. The state gave us 15 hours a week with her.
So Regis had 4 hours left for week. So LaWalla took Liz to do a little shopping. Once LaWalla drop off Liz I took those two yard selling.

So I believe we all did pretty good. Regis got some Toys, and one thing Liz found was a metal detector.
And some clothing.

I was mostly looking for fabric to do locker hocking with LaWalla this fall. So I found three different pieces. Because it was later in day the lady let me have it for half off.
Then also at that sale I got some books. Two on quilting and one on rug making.
I still want to do a quilt. But one thing I need is a sewing machine.

The window covering was at a rummage sale at our local middle school, which was by donation and I gave them dollar.
But some sale over on the North Side I found this interesting kitchen gadget. It to scape something not sure what. It only fifty cents.

LaWalla and I decided we would like to go to a few quilt shows in 100 mile radius. The three states I believe we will visit is IDAHOMONTANA, and WASHINGTON.
I heard there a pretty big quilt show at the Spokane EXPO and FAIR.

Work went real well. I would like to see Liz get into a better place. Her land lord is a pud. She pays her rent of $400 a month for some tiny cabin. Which doesn't include utilities and place isn't well insulated and the bill in winter I would guess be outrages.
Darling little place on creek. But she shower leaks, sink won't drain, window crack and won't open. She ask the land lord to fix these items and never have. It was an old resort and every month they have to test the water.
Plus the septic system keep backing up.
So I ask her if she would like me to pick up a local Habit for Humanity housing application. And she would.

Murphy been washing bedding and furniture. I believe he and I will wash up some of the boards for our deck tomorrow.
And pick up around the place a little. Sunday Bart and his Father in Law is going hiking on Burton. They stop by afterwards.
I got out a crochet project I haven't quite finish. I'm doing a swifter cover. Which I will be sending it to Carrie.
She got a new Care Giver and Carrie get 90 hours a month. But down in Oregon they pay there care giver $15 and hour. If I'm doing personal care I get $12.43 and hour. The state haven't gave us a raise in 2 or 3 years.
I shouldn't complain. There company pays under $9.99 an hour.
Well just got to get out the yarn needle and finish up the swifter cover and mail it to Carrie. They lost there little Chihuahua Sweetie she was 15 years old.

Coffee is on


  1. Hari OM
    Hi Dora - I love to crochet too! My sister is the quilter; she patchworks and quilts all by hand stitching - says she prefers it. That kitchen scraper tool? It's for nutmeg! yup, it's perfect for getting those nutumegs ready for the seasonal cakes &*> Before I retired, I was also doing aged care and care work is paid the lowest, yet demands heaps. We get to love our clients though, eh? Wishing you the best for raising funds for Daisy. Have a good weekend. YAM xx

  2. ...PEE ESS... you need to have the link below as your connector Dora - the one you have given is your sign-up page as a fund me subject.

    I would have put it as a link - but realised that for some reason your comments are not accepting html syntax which is why you couldn't use my last attempt at that!
    Cheers, YAM xx

  3. The kitchen scraper thing could also be a cheese grater, for finely grated cheese over pasta dishes, or even for chocolate to decorate a cake or something.
    Isn't there a tribunal board for renters? where they can fill out a form for complaint if a landlord doesn't fix things to a habitable standard?
    $400 a month sounds pretty cheap to me, things are so different in Australia. My kids pay just over $300 a week!

  4. Huh, our kitty needs oral surgery, too!

    I would highly encourage you to pursue quilting. I've been doing it for about 25 years or more. It's my therapy!

  5. You were looking for a sewing machine a while back, weren't you?
    That Better Homes and Gardens book looks familiar. I think I have a knitting one done by them.


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