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Thursday, July 07, 2016

Individualism To Be Or Not To Be

Every one I seem to talk to been a bit off, mental. I was having balancing back and forth from depression and the every day worry wort.
This morning maybe a quarter after nine. I showed up and Regis was all up set and said that the lady who mange the senior low income apartment said someone is coming in tomorrow and deep clean.
Which I thought was strange. Usual anything connected with any government agency there policy of handling such, is to send out a form letter to every person such to dwelling of apartments.
So I got him calm down, and said I would come in around 8:30 and talk to his social worker and see what going on.

See Regis been collecting Gothic, Monster, and super hero items for ages. If this is true it would take a bit of time to clean.
I'll post a few of photo I took today of his collection. It some collection. Although it something I wouldn't collected.
  So I did some basic cleaning, load of laundry, and sprinkled soda and salt in his carpet and worked it in. Trying to get rid of nasty parasites that looming about.
As I was doing the chores in his place. He was working on one of his corners.

After we got done with our chores. He want to go to the GOODWILL down in Sandpoint and I have mix feel about the operation of there stores and there PAY SCALE. But on the other side of the story. Those who you don't see up front, those disability workers that are back getting items ready to bring up front to sell. There pay is AWFUL
I notice on the door as I was walking in that they were looking for employees. I only worked as cashier ages ago one time.
But they were offering a benefit package which surprise me. See I get $12.43 and hour now. With no benefits.

I got a couple of items from there and so did Regis.

After the Goodwill he went over to the Library and I got a few DOCTOR WHO The one I got has TOM BAKER  as Dr Who. But there been three more before him.
Regis got some dvd also.
Even had the chance to take around the neighborhood by the library. Quite a few apartments in area.
Not sure if there low in come and subsidies or not.
But our community up in BOUNDARY COUNTY could use more housing for the poor and disability.

Eating was so so.
Breakfast a slice of Pizza
Lunch piece of chicken, can kipper snacks, yogurt, cherries.
Dinner Pork ribs, bake potato, and greens.
Naughty food some chips over at Alice, two doughnut holes, and two raisin cookies.

The reason I went over to see Alice was to apologized to her for forgetting about her appointment for her MRI.
And to find out she planning to quite the company we both work for. She has some health issue and it just draining everything out of her.
I took care of her client before. He is exhausting  But not as bad as Donna.
We get bi annual distribution checks. Our next one will be in August or September. What we earn from January 1st till July 31st.
So she planning to quite shortly after we get our checks.
She was wondering when she quite when will she get her reminding part of her distribution check for July 1st until December 31st. See usual we receive that one in March or April. Once all taxes are done.
What she earn last half of year she hoping she doesn't have to wait until next year.

If the cleaning part is even true. I sure hope they don't hassle Regis about his collection. I won't enter-fear unless he ask me to or they start to bullying him.
He is real easy to push about.
He pays rent and I know he has rights to his place.

Editor note...Regis might of been experiencing an altered reality and image the entire thing about having someone cleaning.
On the way down to Sandpoint he ask me if we was about to Colorado. 

Coffee is on


  1. I don't think anyone is going to attempt to clean those shelves and they are not a fire hazard, so it should be fine.

  2. You are a good carer, Peppylady. Regis has a wonderful collection.
    I used to watch Dr Who, way back in the 1960s I would rush home from school to my friend's house and we would watch it together, with the very first Doctor, I don't remember his name, he had long white hair.
    My favourite Doctors recently were David Tennant and the one just before him, Christopher someone.

  3. You can find Billy P at http://rubyliveson.blogspot.com/

  4. Deep clean. I wouldn't want to attempt it, unless they wanted to get rid of 95% of it. Doubt he would feel that way. I can't imagine dusting all that. He does have one heck of a collection there!

  5. Take good care, Dora!

  6. Something sounds fishy about the deep cleaning. But maybe it was a hallucination. Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

  7. Anonymous1:44 PM

    Oh I recognise that Jason's mask!

  8. That's quite the collection. Take care. I bet some of those figures are worth quite a bit.

  9. Wow re Regis' collection! It looks very impressive and cared for.


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