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Saturday, July 09, 2016

Cool Floor

I want to post the Son of Pioneers sing "Cool Water" for some reason I don't mind some of HANK WILLIAMS.
After yesterday post. Our dog Daisy start to itch and I look her over for fleas again, never saw any. I'm think it possible some type of allergies.
I've been giving her benadryl so she can be a little more comfort. And read that she may drink more water.
One thing I notice as she rubbing her back I notice a cysts under her tail. Monday morning I'll call one of the local vets to bring her in.
Anyhow she seem to be more comfortable on the basement cement floor.

I've been doing ok on my walks. Daisy and I walk to the third power line pole and back. It takes about 15 minutes.
And she still want to play fetch.

Maybe I need to post what I ate. Steel cut oats with raisin, and mid morning snack cherry yogurt. Lunch was re heated chicken noodle soups. For an afternoon snack was a slice of toast with peanut butter.
Dinner Pork chop with mushroom soup over potatoes and peas.
Been watch my portions.

Murphy and I sort out the lumbers. We got a pile of 2 by 6 and all under 10 feet. Plenty of staples to be pulled out.
We barrow a power washer. Swept out the garage/shop so once the boards are clean they can be stacked in garage/shop.
Murphy picked a few raspberries he got rain out. We had two brief rain showers today.

Coffee is on


  1. It does sound like Daisy has allergies and it is possible for pets to be allergic to flea bites. One bite and they get rash and itch all over and the more they scratch the worse it gets. My daughter's cat had this. Vet gave her a shot of something plus flea treatment, plus tranquiliser because Missy was stressed very much from being bullied by new cat next door. Missy is much better now and not scratching at all. She is old, about 17 people years, so in cat years over 90 years old, but still has good health.

  2. I love yogurt...your snack sounds good. I've tried steel cut oatmeal and prefer the 'other' kind more.

    As for allergies, I do know house pets suffer just as we do in certain seasons. Hope she'll be okay soon.

  3. The dog I had before Jack, was allergic to flea bites(bug bites) and the vet had him on something like benadryl. It did help with the itching, but we did our best to keep the fleas away, sometimes you can't get away from them though. :-(

  4. Oooh, rain. I'm so jealous.


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