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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Split In Half

This post was started before Murphy and I headed down to my family reunion. A little nervous about going.
I doubt I'll post about what I ate. The plan is 3 small appetizer, 5 items at main meal, and no more then 3 small desserts.
Hopeful Tuesday weigh if there a gain it will be under one pound. But I would be happier if I loose.

One thing I need to is worm our dog and cats. We got cat worming medicine but next time I go to town I'll get some dog worming medicine.
Murphy and I went this morning and never thought of getting some.

Reunion went fine. Not quite 60 people there. My Uncle Bob was the oldest there. He will be 91 end of November.
My granddaughter Claudia was the youngest at 2 months.

And I kept to my plan except they were no appetizer. Lunch I had five items on my plate. My choice of meat was Turkey with mash potatoes, bake beans and 2 salads.
Dinner was ham with a dinner roll, bake beans some chips and 1 salad
After lunch dessert was 2 cookies and some fancy popcorn. I was planning to have strawberry short cake but the time I got to it, it was put up.
So my dinner dessert was the same as lunch dessert.

Coffee is on


  1. You have a nice family group, bigger than ours is. Food sounds good! It looks like you had some decent weather, I hope it wasn't too hot.

    I need to worm the dogs this morning, thanks for the reminder. Have a good Sunday.

  2. Dearest Dora,
    It is very special if you all live in a region where you can physically make it to a reunion!
    What a blessing in fact.
    Sending you hugs and Sunday blessings,

  3. Anonymous1:03 PM

    Lol.. I did a combo comment on your wallpaper envelope post! I'm trying to catch up on my visiting! :D

  4. lots of family and good food, sounds excellent.


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