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Thursday, June 30, 2016

So Glad I'm Not Cruel Human

July is coming up. Not sure if I did one in May. If you want to head over to MY BLUE MIX .short instruction on how to use the site...some time ago I believe a few comment on they couldn't figure how to use it..click on “body of text”....click on “own text” put in your own text...then click “analyze”...and it should tell you your personality.
But I did one for June....

You are unaggressive and sentimental.
You are empathetic: you feel what others feel and are compassionate towards them. You are uncompromising: you think it is wrong to take advantage of others to get ahead. And you are calm-seeking: you prefer activities that are quiet, calm, and safe.
You are motivated to seek out experiences that provide a strong feeling of well-being.
You consider helping others to guide a large part of what you do: you think it is important to take care of the people around you. You are relatively unconcerned with tradition: you care more about making your own path than following what others have done.....

Took Regis down to Sandpoint to see his psychiatrist and which is fairly routine, unless something comes up.
As he was in there I drove back to Walmart and got some oil, and few items for my swap once month I swap with some people, and this time my items are going to NEW ZEALAND I know I want to send our two local papers.
But I know I want to keep the weight down. Shipping over seas can make one jaw drop.

Talking about New Zealand my son Sawyer and his wife Betty this fall is planning to visit New Zealand and Australia.

Something my daughter law posted and it probably non of my business. Since I pretty much discuss with who every reads my post.
She did a posting that she isn't able to have children. Reason I don't know. But she seem broken heart. There pets are there children.
I've always thought it was a poor reason to have children to make your parents grandparents. I told both of children when your ready to be parents I will be glad to be a “Grandma”
If the opportunity comes up. Also they would have to bring up subject of not having children before I would say something.
Question time...Do you feel under the situation above would it be ok to say something like “Adoption is something you might want to consider and I would be glad to be Grandma...I would love all my grandchildren doesn't matter how they arrive.

I notice finely they brought some hay equipment over. Not hay expert but I believe the hay back should have been cut a while ago.
The tips of grass is pretty golden brown when it blow in the wind it looks like is swaying with a beat of harmony.
Murpy and I cut up and froze more Strawberries before I went to work.

Before it got to hot. And it got up to 96 (35.5) late afternoon. So early this morning I got my walk in.
Eating was a bit off.
We want to get the berries done.
Breakfast was bit late around 8:30 or 9:00. We usual eat about 7:00 in morning.
For a minute my mind went blank on what I had for breakfast.
2 hot dogs, and pork n beans.
Before I left I had some cottage cheese with slice strawberries
As I was out and about I had jack pepper cheese stick and piece of jerky.
Dinner a green salad with no dressing, and 2 slice of pizza.
It was long hard day at work and I didn't want to deal with shopping.
I don't eat after 7 evening and just finishing up a Yogurt. Coffee flavor which I enjoyed.

A lease the dog “Daisy” is glad to see me when I come home. Maybe not first thing she does is look at her ball and see if I'm going to toss them.
I won't in this heat. If it get down in the 70's (21.1) I will play fetch with her.

Coffee is on


  1. I was counting on the hot days of summer to help me curb my appetite. So far it hasn't worked. It's just making it harder to get my exercise in.

  2. You must be about sick of strawberries. ;-)

    The heat has never affected my eating, wish it did. LOL!

  3. I wouldn't bring up adoption. If they say something first, then of course make your opinions known. But until then it's best not to say anything.

  4. Did I know or have I forgotten which state you live in? As Liz A said, I am sure they have thought or are thinking about the alternatives and I am sure they know you would love any grandchild, no matter how they arrived.


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