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Thursday, June 02, 2016

Pokes In Idaho

Actual I like walking but I have an issue of walking in the same area. So this morning I drove a across the Kootenai river and parked at our local clinic and took a short walk.
There a house across the way from clinic, on the hill side there some interesting plants growing. Not as many as there was at one time.
Recall beautiful white iris or flags
One reason I decided to walking in this neighborhood. I was wonder if any one been living in my old client Carrie and her husband Hershall. But it looks empty.
And there is housing shortage for mostly the low income.
I believe there rent was $450 a month. It seen the average single wide mobile home goes between $400 and $500.
The run down cracks in window, holes in floor will go for slightly under $400.
Those who been maintain and up kept will go for over $500 a month.
Like I said before I've never had any of my client income was over $800 month. Plus utilities are extra.

I've been a history buff, actual my favor subject in school. I guess it main reason I'm in to genealogy. Right now I'm looking for more info on my maternal grandma dad side the Shirley.
Right now I'm looking though the 1850 census in Philadelphia at present time, strolling though the ALMSHOUSE
As for history I would call this a poor house, but they did take care of other people needs.
Reading there names on census rolls I wonder what every happen to them. Every one has value the one person I can think that doesn't have value is a child molester.
When I speak of value I don't mean money. We all have our special glitch in life.

Well our town of Bonners Ferry doesn't have homeless shelter. And it illegal to look poor and when law enforcement finds some one who is homeless. They take them to the next county.
I heard there 20 or so homeless in my area. And I bet there is a lot more.

Work was easy as usual. Both of my clients are planning to take a trip to Utah the first of July.

Wrote three letters to my PEN PAL and all went to the states in southeast.
Confession time...I took on to many pen pal and couldn't correspond fairly.
So I picked 40 out of 70 and writing each of them a letter. I know some won't respond and it doesn't upset me. Simple I understand and the reason is. Some of pen pals I haven't written to been way long, some in 2015.
So in bit. I'll send the same 40 a letter. In hope, giving them a hint I want to correspond. If I don't hear from them I figure they don't want to correspond,
Confession time...I believe 20 to 30 pen pals would be enough. 

I did stop in at a thrift store and wonder to my self why am there. I got way to much stuff. But I found some writing paper with design.
But I look at couple of purses but didn't get them. I don't take care of what I have. I have way to much stuff. So why buy more even if it a deal.

On facebook post I say 100 years of ladies fashion. The above photo is what possible my husband or my grandma wore when they had our parents.
Also what our parents wore when my husband and I was born.
Even what I should be wore.

Eating once again went well. No emotional eating.
Breakfast BLT on white bread, but I'm not all that crazy about white bread.
Lunch once again 4 items, raw crackers, dates, yogurt and fiber cookies.
Dinner thin pork chops, mash potatoes, and carrots.
Now for my grab food. 2 small chocolate chip cookie, and kind bar,

Coffee is on


  1. Those are some stylish clothes. I especially like the outfit with fur.

  2. I'm a much better internet pal then pen pal. My handwriting is very poor and I can never think what to say.

    Mobile homes are a lot cheaper here. At least the lot rental is. Most are between $300 and $400. Of course, you have to come up with the mobile home on top of that.
    Most people here own theirs.

  3. Colleen the outfit with fur, is from the year my mom was born

    Alice that what trailer are going for not the lot...Last time I heard about lot rent and that was a while ago...$75 to $125 a month

  4. Boy, I don't know where we would live if we didn't own our place. That's a lot of money for a run down trailer! Then lot rent also - that's scary.

    Pen pals - I have had a few. I remember the excitement when I got a letter in the mail. I think I started when I was nine or ten.

  5. 70 pen pals. More than I could have ever kept up with, even back in the days when I wrote letters. Good for you to keep this dying art alive. Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

  6. Those are some great vintage pics. My dad likes to walk, so he's made a practice of trying to walk all the streets in his city. He keeps a map, and marks off where he's walked. That might be one way to get out and vary your walks. Just a suggestion.


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