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Friday, May 27, 2016

Not Brown Sugar

Sure not a fan of rain. One of my favor weather is wind. It seem over the memorial day weekend it rains a least part of the time.
I thought my clients want to go up to the cemetery . But things happen and I was the only one who went up.
Between Murphy and I we have over 20 family buried in Grandview cemetery.
But I don't cover all the graves during memorial day, some years I don't get up there.

So I went up and took an umbrella and walk around the new part of cemetery. Looking for the four graves I want to place whirl stars on.
Three of them is basically in same area.

But I wasn't sure where my Aunt Glenda was buried. I believe it was the first tombstone I felt it represented both my Aunt and Uncle.
It seem that if couple is buried together there tombstone just represent his interest and view on life.
He still alive and loves to fish. Not sure but he use to regular at local auction here.
She loved music and the family would sing around the Piano.
Confession time...I wish I had a little negro in me. That I might have some music talent.

Usual most of the time a day with my crazy client. Sweet as can be and with kind an carrying spirit my day is full of unexpected challenges.
They told me that LaWalla was coming in on Saturday. So she knocked on door at Regis and we were both shocked to see each other.
Liz had an appointment with her social worker.
So I took LaWalla to under the sun for coffee.

Some thing came about Liz daughter she having complication during her pregnancy. I believe it due around the first part of July.
I gather she might suffer from POST PARTUM.
I know Regis ex wife who is Liz Sister suffered from it.
Things are slowly improving in mental illness.

It been a while since I worked on my stamp collection. I collect stamps of mostly people face. I have some other ones. But they all have something to do with people.
This morning before I went to work drop the pick up off at mechanic for the exhaust and speed odometer cable, and exhaust system.
When my next pay period comes around we will pick up a battery for it, which will be next Saturday.

Never melt in rain.

                                                                              Coffee is on



  1. I just realized that the nearest of my ancestral graves is over a thousand miles away. I don't recall ever going to visit one of them on purpose - except for a woman from ten generations back that we were researching.

  2. I've never been one to visit graveyards. I prefer to remember people in happier places.
    hope the truck doesn't cost too much to fix, I have to wait for paycheck days to get mine done too.. currently saving up for a new oil sump....

  3. the chinese have taken over our local cemetery erecting giant grotesque headstones and the air often is saturated with incense. there are times when i'm really tempted to toss some dog crap over the hedge.

  4. Awww, I don't think you need to be any particular race to have musical talent! As it is, some of my favorite singers are white and Asian as well as black! ;b

  5. Really enjoyed this one.

  6. Most of my husband's family are buried near here, but my family is over a thousand miles away.

  7. It's been a while since I went to a cemetery. I think it was the last funeral I went to, so not too long ago. 2009? 2008? Sometime around there.


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