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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Keep To The List

As many of you know I collect giraffes. Want to know something I don't have an giraffe ornament or a armadillo either.
Murphy got me these giraffes for Christmas.
I kept looking under the tree and I was starting to wonder if he forgot me, They was no gift for me. I would be happy if my husband got me a piece of bubble gum.
He took the time for me. That all I ask.
Came out Christmas morning and they were line up under the tree.

 Today I went to town to get a few items, and mail my time slip in. With the holiday and mail as such. My next payday is January 1st which is a holiday. But I have a hunch our pay check will come on Saturday or Monday.
It all spends the same.

Two of the thrift stores was open in Bonners Ferry. I stop in at the one far south end of Bonners Ferry.
Found a few baby items for my up coming grand child.
I even found a few other items. But next month in January like other months. The bills will start to come in.
Plus my internet is also due. I pay every 3 months, $177.
Also I told Bart and Molly I would get them a swing for the new baby. Never had one and oh I want one, when the boys was young.

Went into Safeway to get a few items. Had my list and all the Christmas items was knock down to half price, and found all sort of cool items I could get my up coming Granddaughter next Christmas.
She will be about nine months old.
But I stuck to my list.
During our white elephant gift exchange after noticing some of the "teetotalers" really doesn't have a chance in family gift exchange.
I'm not much of drinker either.
So next year we're bring some alcoholic beverage and I'm doing up anther rag rug.
But this time. I'm going keep my eyes open in the thrift stores more. Buying retail fabric is a little costly, for something that will be placed on the floor.
The colors basically brown, gold, green, and red. They will be other colors tangled about.


Kept to my list and my promises to my self. We have plenty of surgery goodies. I figure enough to take both us until Valentine day.
If I limited my self to one piece of sweet a day. Which I have so far I had a slice of pecan pie with a hot butter rum.
Now the test will be at work.

Coffee is on 


  1. I am glad your husband kept you wondering. He sounds like great fun! I am with you, I think baby swings are awesome. Any idea what they will be naming the baby?

  2. I didn't know you collected those, they must be a bit hard to find.

  3. nice giraffes.

    i'll bet bbc could build a real cool one out of scrap metal.


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