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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Five Minutes

Eating went well so far today. See I said "so far" still have dinner to go though.
Breakfast was our McVandenberg's. Lunch wasn't much yogurt and tapioca pudding. Took Carrie to her appointment at the pain clinic.
On the way back she got a few items at the dollar store. I got nothing.
 The drive back home is shared some crackers with tuna salad spread.
Her husband made some soup, which was good. Had a bowl about 1 cup full, four crackers crunched up. And a few with butter. Might of had few to many.

I had to call in for next month transit mileage. Carrie has two appointment to go to in Sandpoint. After I got done talking with them.
I want to stuff my face with bunch a sweets and down a bottle of wine.
Taking her to a pain clinic for a procedure using narcotics, and they want to know if she was going to drive her self home.
She out of it and it plain to see she wouldn't be safe on the road.
I did have my plan desert of creamy chocolate pie.

Dinner looks like an hamburger, oven fries, and collard greens.

Thought I would have time to drop off the stools for Quincy daughters.
This is there Christmas gift from Murphy and I.
My son Bart in law owns the company that makes them.

I always give the kids some type of Christmas Ornaments. In hope they might have there own collection when the left home.
As I went out and grab 3 ornaments brought them in and but two of them in the bag.
Had to go to the bath room, and couldn't fine the other one. How frustrating is that.
So had to go and get anther one.

This evening our local pagan group, Spairfitera. Will meet and we been going though the tarot cards.

Had plans to post about Murphy colonoscopy. But some time it will get posted.

                                                            Coffee is on



  1. colonoscopy, get pictures, hahahaha..

  2. Been years since I've had tapioca.

    Happy New Year to you and your loved ones. May 2016 be prosperous and the good dreams; a reality.


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