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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Thirteen Fourteen a Maid Courting.

I was so sure I would of been down today at T.O.P.S but I gain, not much up 1.25 pounds. Lunch today was my hardest. I packed to many carbs and it mess with my blood and I felt hungry most of the day.
Plus I had a half of doughnut. Actual I keep it pretty much under control.

After T.O.P.S my cousin Rita told me about some family gathering. Her father law Melvin will be 90 the last day of November. But the Saturday before we're having a birthday party for him.
We having a gathering of my grandparents Jack and Olive (Shirley) McCalmant this summer, Father day weekend. They had 12 children, 28 grandchildren, and 51 great grand kids, and I'm clueless on the great great grand kids.
I can recall we all met at Thanksgiving since I was one of the younger grandchild of my grandparents and setting at the kids table.
My grandparents had there grand children born between 1944 to 1964.
At Thanksgiving we ate and I recall drawing names for Christmas present.
I don't know what happen. But after my grandfather died in 1975. His oldest son Glen and his entire family start not coming to reunions or family gatherings
We continued our Thanksgiving family gathering up to a few years before my grandma died, which was in 1986.
After she passed we never had a Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner.
Not sure what happen but ever family is like any community. We're all players on the world stage with things jam packed in closet and the politics runs rampage.

I didn't swear I wouldn't start anther crochet dish cloth. I start a yellow one. Our dish cloth was getting pretty rag it.
So I did a few just a short time for Murphy and I.
I start to sew the red fabric strips together and hopeful I can start crochet anther rag rug.

                                                                              Coffee is on


  1. You're right, families are a community in and of themselves with so many different personalities. I've found short family visits to be the easiest route. - No worries about that pound gained, could be muscle since muscle weighs more than fat. :)

  2. i don't i could eat half a donut after taking a bite. instinct takes over and the whole donut goes down the gullet.


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