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Saturday, October 03, 2015

Our Community First Quilt Show

   Our local community had it first quilt show. There was over 160 quilts, lot of talent people here in BOUNDARY COUNTY. I didn't take 160 photos.
At this time I have enough crafts going. Quilt making is on my bucket list and I have my first grandchild due the end of March or First part of April.
So I believe I will start a basic block quilt after the new year.

    This is my last week of my 19.75 hours with Carrie. Monday the 5th Oct I start the 17.25 hours. So her and I went to look at the quilt show and I took her out for lunch. We went to CHIC N CHOP a little dull for my taste bud. I like my food with snazzy taste. It a safe place to eat. Her and I both ordered off the senior menu. Both had a grilled cheese sandwich and tater tots.

   I might well mention that Murphy got his notification from medicare and there taking $104 out of his check starting this month. His social security will be $669 a month.

    This is my 5th Artist trading card. I'm send it my secret sister, who lives in ROCHESTER NEW YORK
I will be sending her some other small items. Most of them came from one of our thrift store, Caring People For Animals.
Our local area don't have a variety store anymore. We never had a wal mart here. And I real don't want one any how.

   Murphy and I finish doing pickled crab apples. 7 pints of them. My mom did them in quarts and had them around Thanksgiving and Yule.

                                                       Coffee is on

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