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Friday, September 25, 2015

Not Enough brain power

    Eating been pretty much with common sense. 4 items for lunch. Oh my for naughty food was 4 piece of salt water taffy.
Breakfast steelcut oats with raisin and a banana. 4 items for lunch was a gram cracker sandwich with peanut butter, fruit yogurt, hard boil egg, and yellow tomatoes. When I got home Murphy had him self a tuna sandwich mix and I made my self a half of a sandwich. Then dinner was a simple beef burrito.
Walking is something I need to get back into.

     Worried some what about Murphy. He real having trouble getting around. Any length of standing pretty much does him in.
He prime painted some what he calls ledger boards that goes below the 2 new window we put in. The first week of November he can go into the doctor and see what really what wrong with him.
The medicare kicks in.

      Garden not doing bad. This morning Murphy did mange to go out pick some radish. Took them over to the neighbor, and I took some to Carrie and Hershel. She can't eat them but he loves them.

       There one lonely Zinnia out in the garden.

        Daisy usual waits by the garden gate for us to come out.

       I haven't yet figure why I keep purchasing craft supplies. I haven't for a little bit. Except for a magazine.
For ages I keep posting about a yard sale I want to have. Actual I need to have one. But in this area no one have a yard sale. There a few shop or garbage sales though out colder months. But these are simple in heated garages and shop.
So we don't have either one. Next best thing for me to is neatly stack my yard sale items in a corner of the basement.
And keep my finger cross for 2016

     Some one made me a YARN OCTPUS. Not positive where it came from but I believe I got from a grade school carnival. I went to Broadway elementary school, start in 1966.
I think my octpus had longer arms. But it been years since I even seen it.
I don't believe I every had a SOCK MONKEY. They don't look hard to do.

But some time I wonder. Like purchasing craft stuff. This is to be my future craft and sewing room



Found quite a few crafts I want to try. But no place to crafts until I get my future craft room clean and organized.....Coffee is on

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  1. I'm looking for a craft or hobby I can work on inside during the summer heat.


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