Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Smoke On The Mountains

Since that bat flew in our house. Seem everything is going pretty good, knock on wood. I guess there all sort of OLD WIVES TALE but there fun to read. Me, personal I think we built our own life. Sure there bumps in the road and life lesson to be learn.                  There been plenty of smoke in sky. It might not be all day. But usual some time during the day the sun looks like a big glowing red ball                                                                 My noses inside itches like doing a line of cocaine and my ears feel like I been under water and waiting for my ears to pop.                                                                                       
                                                                                                                                                Today I went to work for both places. Just short time I at Regis mostly to pick up some tobacco.                                                                                                                 Rest of the time I was at Carrie. Took her to her doctor appointment she seem to have trouble keeping food down. She had a GASTRIC BYPASS SURGERY and the doctor thought it might be causing her trouble.                                                                                           I know to many people who had so much trouble years down the road. Statement time....I would rather face back surgery then do Gastric Bypass surgery.                       So we stop in at the local food bank, now there getting a lot bigger selection. I even got a few items.                                                                                                                        Maybe I'm pushing judgement toward others. But it seem those who uses the food bank seam to only want food high in bad carbs, such as doughnuts.                                         
There quite a bit of veggies and fruit be brought in. I got a package of asparagus and some kale. Grab two other items.                                                                                    
Did a little house keeping.                                                                                                               
                                                                                                                                After work I stop in at my friend Alice to help me on the rag rug I've been working on. My trouble it kept curling up. So at far end I had to put in an extra stitch so it will lay flat.                                                                                                                                     There sure not cheap to do. At ten dollar a yard I don't see my self doing a lot of them. 
I been crochet anther dish cloth. Each set I'm changing the stitches. This one I'm working with front loops only, doing a half double.                                                                       
Black isn't easy to work with. Have to have the light just right.                                              
                                                                                                                                         My client treat me more then fair. Take my word I had some was pretty nasty. So I help Murphy freeze up some tomatillos.                                                                          
My eating was right on track and I even got my morning water in, 30 oz (0.88 liters) by Nine thirty in the morning                                                                                                Breakfast we had BLT and I wish it was on non white bread. But that what we had in our house. Lunch I eat four items. Today it was a piece of cheese, pear, banana, and strawberry yogurt. Before I move on to dinner at Carrie I had third of pastry. Both Carrie and Hershel have trouble with there sugar count, and there plenty of pastries around the place. I guess it doesn't bother them to be on metformin.                                                Dinner it was smoke salmon burrito. Trying to recall what I put in mind. Hot peppers, alfalfa sprouts, chives, dill, cheese, ricotta cheese, garbanzo beans, and of course smoke salmon                                                                                                    I had Murphy roll me up anther burrito which I will take to work tomorrow. I'll add three more items not sure what yet.                                                                                       For some reason I'm a little hungry but I don't eat after seven in the evening.                                Went to Library and got the book "Go Set a Watchman"                                                                                                Coffee is on                                                                       

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