Friday, July 17, 2015

Two In A Roll Please Not Three

      Not sure how I'm going to handle the up coming eating. Saturday Murphy and I are meeting Paul and Gloria at PANHANDLE PIES parking lot. Then we're going to drive up to HILLS RESORT I'm taking the camera with.
Then Carrie ask me if I want to go an barbecue put on by Cross Road Community chapel. Never been but I met the minister there and he has to work and usual he is slinging an hammer.
Minister who church offerings doesn't cover all the expense usual has an understanding of us humans. Money usual make people snooty, actual those who want to put on air of wealth and don't have pot to piss in or a window to toss it out. Let me tell you something there farts do give them self away.
But not all that worried about the service.
Confession...Eating out two days in roll got me worried.

        Breakfast scrambled eggs, apple, and one slice of sourdough toast with butter.
Lunch which is still difficult for me. Pork and beans with one wiener. I guess one can say I had two lunches which included salami sandwich with cheese and clintro.
Dinner salad with balsamic dressing brown rice, and baby back ribs.
As for snacks 2 Oreo cookies and 2 piece of dark chocolate with ginger. Have every told you I'm an ginger fan.
Did manage to get walk in twice end of the road and five power line poles. 

       Now life. As having no sibling I never felt family need to watch each other back. In my own thinking right is right and wrong is wrong but rules are met to be bent but not broken.
Depending on the situation if either one of my son got in jail there a good chance I would let them sit there.
One reason we ask Murphette to move on. We was hoping and thinking that either her daughter Annie or Edna would take her in. But it looks like no such luck.
Murphy told me to give her a call and let her plug in which would give her chance to shower.
Her other daughter Doris wants her to give power of attorney to her. There nothing wrong with Murphette mind but she always don't make good choices.

Her and I raise our children different. She was her children friend. I was my children parents, not there friend.

Pasty came up from Logan Utah area. The main reason she came up is to help Regis but also they might have been a small reason she left Utah.
I understand that she has an sister who is more mental ill then her. Talking to her she can't stand her sister.
There mom thought she should stick around and take care of her sister and I believe she has no desire to.
I'm seeing more and more family have no desire to take there family in. Question time...are we always obligated to take a family member in or help them out, doesn't matter situation


  1. Ah. This is a tricky one. Every person, every family, is different.

  2. Anonymous2:55 AM

    I agree with Francene, circumstances are always different and what is right for one may not be right for another. I think you have to do what you can and mustn't feel bad/guilty for what you can't

  3. You just can't be a disciplinarian AND a best friend. I agree with how you raised your children.

  4. Tough question. Last year, a cousin whom I had had a lot of contact with years ago, but not in the last 10 years or so, called. She was having a rough patch emotionally and I listened sympathetically. She asked me if she called at 4am, if I would answer the phone. I told her "no" and it wasn't out of harshness but because I had other family issues I was dealing with and needed my strength (and sleep) for them. She never called me again. I think you can only do what you can. Alana

  5. once the kids grow up, our obligation ends and their obligation begins.


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