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Monday, July 20, 2015

Some Deposit Are Good

       Before I went to work I stop in at our local bank, Wells Fargo to deposit some of my pay check. Now I can start to pay the bills. I keep hearing money talks ours say "Good Bye" but I hear most people live pay check to pay check.

      Tomorrow is weigh in for our local T.O.P.S group. For our challenge right now I did pretty darn good. I'll end up with three ticket in our drawing.
Tonight I walk around the bend and poor Daisy wasn't sure what to think of "Wilbur" the lab it actual scared the poop out of her.
On the way back our neighbor lady Zella walked a short distant back with me. She a slow walker.
Breakfast once again fried apples mixed in steel cut outs.
Lunch seem to work out pretty good. I took some cheese sticks, celery sticks, and walnuts. Confession time...At work I had four piece of salt water taffy.
Stop in to pick up a few items at Super one. They have these bars over in the health food section for $1.38. Well I like them. Right now I do remember what there called.
Dinner was pretty basic. Fried Chicken I had a thigh and took the skin off. Slaw everyone use cabbage and carrots, but this time we add kohlrabi. Then Mash Potatoes and when was mashing them he add 2% milk and butter.
Well I didn't add thing else to my potatoes except some zesty blend.
It was quarter to 7 and on our challenge we not a loud to eat after 7. Confession time...I was sure looking at that clock wondering what I can eat before I ran out of time. The truth I wasn't even hungry.
I'm hoping for with draw of fat and or water weight.

       For a short time I stop in at LaWalla and she started make some hot pad trivets. She using a tool with an crochet hook on one end and the other end it has an needle eye though it. I can see it as a rug.
But I need to finish the rugs I got going now.
I got my fabric strips sewn together and rolled into a ball. Each time I do one I learn something so it either becomes faster or a high quality.

                                                                   Coffee is on

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  1. Hope you share photos of your completed rugs!!!


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