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Saturday, July 04, 2015

Pass Seven and It Time To Straighten Out

       This fourth was a little different/ Most year we have a family get together over at my sister in law Faith place.
But she was hosting an family reunion, Dunning family.
Since it the fourth and we're celebrating our Independence from England as being a history buff looks like we was one year into the American Revolutionary war which started in 1775. And the Declaration of Independence was written in 1776
Question time...Why did we wait roughly a year into a war before we claim our Independence?
 I've only live in the Pacific Northwest and never travel much. When people say they love America. I can't truly say that. But I surly won't say "I hate it" To be honest "I have nothing to compare it against"
To me to be a great patriot person,,,you must or should be a Christians and I'm not. Not into Guns, oh we have a few could defend our home and if we was starving could go and get some game meat, But there no way we could take on the entire government. Plus I don't think the government is much to worry about.
I can't say I'm a true Capitalist. Sure I like nice things but if it takes cheating someone to get a head I rather not have it,
So I question my own patriot toward my country.

       The garden is doing great in the heat and actual our water bill was only ten over. Our basic water bill is only $41.00
The trouble is mainly ant and some yellow jackets.

       The artichoke seem to be doing just fine. Only wish is for the head to get a little bigger. But I believe the heat is force it open.

       Thought my roses was done. Couldn't see anything coming on and today I say these few little buds.
Looks like my hollyhocks in my hodgepodge bed is blooming and the lilly in my royal sunshine flower bed is also blooming.
       As you can see broccoli head is starting to form. Hopeful nothing gets into them and eats the plant.

       Today in my  diet I was naughty and I ate horrible. Loved every minute of it. Ate SPUMONI ice cream.
Breakfast wasn't to bad 2 slices or toast with butter and 2 poach eggs, lunch I believe it was spumoni ice cream then for my mid day snack. That's right more ice cream. Dinner had spaghetti with corn on a small plate,
After dinner I had more Spumoni.
Anyhow my ice cream was eaten in 6 oz cup and I figure I had 24 oz of ice cream,
My next naughty day will be next Saturday at the McCalmant family reunion, and I plan not to get this carried away.
 But after seven in the evening I don't eat.

      Happy fourth of July....Peppy

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  1. We've got ants and yellow jackets all over the place, too. Parts of my garden are doing well, but I lost a lot of plant starts this year. I just don't have my timing right for transplanting.

    I've been all over the world. There is no where else I want to live but the USA. We did some flag waving (literally) yesterday, have our share of guns, but also don't consider ourselves "patriotic".

    Ever notice that patriotic rhymes with idiotic? Just a thought.


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