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Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Meaning Well

Dear Cup of Coffee.
       Finely getting the chance post a photo of man in rock.
Coffee this might sound a little crazy....But I found great comfort in this face. As he was a kind and concern face 
Murphy and I uring the heat went up to Peak creek up on the Myrtle Creek drainage. 
As I was looking at all the rock through out the creek. How it moves the water about 
It came to me that I deserve the word "Rock" in my pagan  name.
Coffee,I see a rock in two stands..."I'm not afraid the boat if needed'.....Taking stand like a rock"  I been looking at foreign word of rock. The other word in my pagan name is wave, wind, and bough

      Coffee I have to say I done real good on my eating until I came home. Dinner was my worst meal . Hot dog with bun. Coffee that not worst of it ..."I ate a second hot dog" but I ate slice tomatoes and pork and beans.
Breakfast was steel cut oats with dried cherries and fresh raspberries from the garden. Lunch was sort of there and not. Salami sandwich on whole seed toast with lettuce.
Met my friend Qunella and had an apple smoothie with ground up almond at "Under the sun" 
Haven't yet got my walk in and waiting for the sun to go down.

       As I was weeding around our peppers Murphy was picking pea pods. I took them to our local food bank in Bonners Ferry. They weigh out at 1.2 pounds (0.45 kilogram) 

       Coffee is about time I need speak up for a bit here. I know in the past I've mention about my friend Murphette. She homeless again. She park in our drive way and I wonder if she quite comfortable there. 
Well I gave her a dead line to be moving on 6th of July. She can continue getting her mail her and once a week stop in an have a shower. 
Personal I don't understand her thinking. When It comes to making decision and choices. Honestly Coffee. "I believe there something wrong with her brain in section of the brain that makes decision and choices"
What I gather they have relationship trouble with there mother. I can't say much here coffee about bad relationship with a parent..."I didn't get a long with my dad" 

      P                        Peppy

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  1. That rock is very cool, and you're very kind to help out your friend. Some people just get a lit'l stuck sometimes. I hope she pulls thru.


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