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Friday, July 24, 2015

I Can See Why There Might Be An Upcoming Shortage on SSD and SSI

       The other day on the news there saying there a short fall for up coming benefit for those drawing disability.
As in home care giver at currently both of my client receive between $750 and $810 a month.
Only one actual gets straight SSD. The other gets an combo of SSD and SSI.

But the average disability payment is $1,165 The average social security receives $1,322 

       Seam like there quite a few employers love to use the 1099 MISC form. Just say every one is self employed or contract worker.
Well to start right out you match your own social security at 15.3% Figure if you have a job at $7.25 and hour. Well if your handle your own social security  you will lose about $1.11 and hour which comes to $6.14 an hour. Then what other taxes you may have.
Question time....I wonder how many people who receives the 1099 just toss them in the trash can.
So they never pay in there social security. Not sure if it was my Aunt Eve or her grand daughter Shasta told us to toss the 1099 form they sent us on and $8.00 an hour job.
Confession time...If I didn't receive an 1065 form. I would of toss the last 1099.
By the way my company I work for and sense they got audit. They change there policy. They now require you prove you filled your taxes.
There was a few lost there job for not filling. The IRS start to investigate who filled by matching spouse up. A few had knock on there door by the IRS.
Question time...I wonder how much the social security is missing out by letting people use the 1099 misc forms?

       Come right down to getting the average social security isn't all that bad. On a 40 hour work week if someone took home $1,322 they would be making $8.26 and hour.
Then those on disability and for an worker to match monthly wages he or she would have to make $7.28 an hour.
Plus there benefit of having insurance either Medicare and or Medicaid.
Statement time...Going to work has it cost. Just think being on disability and if you mange it right it seem to be a gravy train.
But sad truth I don't know only a few people who draws over a $1,000 a month from social security.

       I have to wonder how many people went from Welfare to getting and SSI check. check. Do you recall WELFARE AS YOU KNOW IT Ended on SSI and now is draining that out.
Each state of what kind of benefit one get will vary from state to state. One might google there state and welfare benefits
I know Idaho don't give out much to people in poverty. It been a while since I heard any up date on welfare. Your only aloud a life time drawing of 24 month of welfare and no extra cash for any extra kids. Looks like the amount is $309  a month.
So $733 would look like a gold mine.

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  1. People on welfare shouldn't get much, just enough to barely get by. If they want more the can go to work like the rest of us. Too many people are bottom feeders and think they should get a free ride.

  2. BBC..I know a family who use to live here and didn't work and live off welfare. Soon as I they change the welfare laws. He and his wife was on disability. Quite a bit I wonder if SSI has now become the new Welfare.

    Coffee is on

  3. I know in my state,the welfare will make you sign up for ssi. If you say you are disabled. There was a push to get people of state onto fed benefits.

  4. Grammy...Maybe they do that in Idaho also.


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