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Friday, July 31, 2015

Getting Going.

          Everyone morning one of the first thing I do is give my self and check mark on our weight lost challenge. Is personal success which is a friendly reminder that I need and want to develop health habits. Confession time....quite a bit of the time I fail horribly.
Next little while it going to be getting mighty hot. So our tread mill and power rider is in our basement.
Not sure if I'll be get my walks in or not.
Breakfast and Lunch pretty much end up being a the same a slice of Pizza. But with lunch I had some carrot sticks, cucumber and kohlrabi.
Start work later in the day and ate my lunch before I left.
Didn't eat anything at work except for three saltine crackers and peanut butter. What I real like on my saltine is butter.
As I was doing paper work I did have an glass of water.
Stop at LaWalla to see the jewelry supplies she purchased.
It made me late getting home form dinner but I finish up eating a little after seven.
French Fries dip them in either ketchup or ranch dressing. Had some more fresh veggies out of the garden and I part part of a chicken wing and leg.

           I had this strange dream. Most of my dreams are strange. I woke up in morning and I grew a penis a big one. Wasn't quite sure what to do about it. Didn't want my husband to find out about it and I even got out an ax to chop it off but couldn't bring my self to do it.
I did wake up and I still have girl parts.

I've been sewing strips together and here is some fabric strips I sewn together for “Daisy” rag rug.
I just ran out of yellow cotton yarn that I been making into dish cloth. Not long ago I was in OLD TOWN IDAHO and they had a BEN FRANKLIN varitey store. They had a good selection of fabric and craft supplies. I got four balls of cotton yarn to make dish cloths. But I left them in Quenella car.

                                               Coffee is on

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