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Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Taking A Bit Out Of Life

Not sure what I'm going to post. My left hip is giving me all sort of issue. Weigh in this morning and I was up 1.50 pounds...ugh I thought I was doing so good.
Still struggling to get my water down.
My lunch was the worst meal today. Hubby had a cheap TV dinner for me.
I already for my positive quote for this up coming week..."In Matters of style, swim with current; in matter of principle; stand like rock. Thomas Jefferson.

Took Carrie down to Sandpoint and for some reason her doctor appointment was cancelled. So we stop in at local food bank.
But the shelf was pretty bare. So I posted on my facebook page and certain local group..."I was with my client at our local food bank in Bonners Ferry and once again there low. Please be KIND and donate 3 items of food to our local food bank. Located next to the Verizon building...Hours Monday thru Friday 9 to 12 and 1 to 5. (Close on Thursday)"

After work today I stop by liz to figure out what we're doing for the Summer Solstice or LITATHE and we decided to a potluck up at Smith Lake Camp Ground.
Murphette is handling the local paper. And I'm handling the poster. We're doing potluck dishes by our last name and I'm having trouble with the wording.

Like I said my hip is giving me fits....Coffee is on   

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