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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Oh The Wagon Didn't Toss Me Quite

I only mess up a few times when it comes to my eating badly. Over at Regis  he had a box of lemon cookies at "two" of them and notice what I was doing.
Then I went over to Carrie cut some type of sweet roll in half. Had half with my first cup of coffee and end of the shift I had the other half and coffee.
When I got home ate a small burrito. For dinner spaghetti and stir fry pea pods out of the garden.
Right be seven I had some creamy dessert thing that was marked down 50% off at Safeway.
Add a few dried cherries.

Got a short walk in. It was already starting to get warm even at seven thirty this morning.

I been building pages for our local eclectic pagan group. We now have a FACE BOOK page. And SPAIRFITERA is also listed with Witches Vox.

Poor Regis we got involved with a nut case woman and he took him for a ride. I'm not talking sexual. She claim to be CNA (Certify Nurses Aid) with some other letter hooked behind the "N"
Well she claims that he has NARCOLEPSY and he shouldn't be left alone. We tried to explain that he doesn't have narcolepsy, that when he first gets his morphine that he goes crazy with it. Then he crashes and he is quite out of it.
The doctor and hospital don't seem to worried about it. They just walk him around and around.
Then reason she said he has "Narcolepsy" that she could take care of him. The truth is that she homeless, with some type of mental illness. She sure had stories to tell. If any of them our true who knows.

Coffee is on  


  1. If you pile up on salad, too, then you're probably ok with all the desert. At least you cut the sweet roll in half. I found if I only have a single tablespoon at a time I could eat caramel gellato. It's 50 calories per spoonful.

  2. Stories are good even if they aren't true. I sometimes wish those people would learn to write them down. They might find a talent as authors.


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